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Princess Sheikha attends the 40th Anniversary of the Green March celebrations

Director of the SATUC Foundation for disadvantaged children, Sheikha Sheikha is attending the Green March Cup football match in Laâyoune, Morocco. The event is part of the celebrations of the 40th Anniversary of the Green March, in which over 350,000 people peacefully marched unarmed into Spanish-controlled Western Sahara resulting in Spain relinquishing control over the territory. Football legends such as Diego Maradona and George Weah will be playing in the match.  Sheikha will be able to see the footballing prowess of many of the SATUC ambassadors in the match, including Nader El-Sayed, Said Owairan, and Aziz Bouderbala.
Sheikha was formally invited by the Royal Moroccan Football Federation to attend the event as their guest in recognition of the work that she and the SATUC foundation do to help and support orphaned, disadvantaged, and refugee children all over the world.  Sheikha hopes to share with people at the event her vision for using sport to better the lives of disadvantaged children all over the world. Her current project, the 2017 SATUC World Cup will see twenty-four teams of underprivileged children from five continents come together to compete in a five-a-side football tournament. This is not only a fantastic and motivating opportunity for children to show their skills on an international stage but will raise awareness of the plight of many children whose opportunities in this world are limited due to circumstances.

40th Anniversary Green March Celebrations

Celebrating the peaceful march on 6th November 1975 of 350,000 unarmed Moroccans into the Western Sahara that caused Spain to give back control of Western Sahara to Morocco
Celebrating uniting and protecting the people of Western Sahara with Morocco
On this day King Hassan 2nd gave the signal for the people to cross from Tarfaya into the Western Territory to peacefully claim it for Morocco
The king of Morocco gives a speech every year to celebrate this event
The 6th of November is a national holiday for this reason





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