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Thu Sep 27th, 2023

AL AHLY FC hosted the SATUC World Cup Qualifiers for 600 children

Al-Ahly Club, proudly hosted the SATUC World Cup qualifiers for boys and girls, representing the national teams of Egypt, Syria, and Sudan. This event, marked by joyous participation from children, took place in the backdrop of an exhilarating football festival amidst the presence of sports stars.

The inaugural edition of the SATUC World Cup for Girls is scheduled for 2024 and is being organized by the SATUC Charity, led by Sheikha Al Thani. Sheikha Al Thani, the visionary President of the Charity and the Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the Tournament, conceived the idea for both the SATUC Football World Cup for Boys and the SATUC Football World Cup for Girls.

The SATUC World Cup qualifiers for both boys and girls, representing Egypt, Syria, and Sudan, unfolded at the Fifth Settlement branch of Al-Ahly Club. These qualifiers involved the selection of three teams from among 600 children and girls who enthusiastically participated in the competition. Al-Ahly Club embraced the occasion with open arms, providing a vibrant and competitive atmosphere at its Fifth Settlement branch.

Numerous sports luminaries graced the celebration, including world champion Samar Hamza, the preeminent wrestling champion and a global figure in her own right, who serves as the first ambassador for the Girls’ SATUC World Cup. Additionally, the esteemed star Rabie Yassin shared in the children’s jubilation, accompanied by Nour Khattab, a renowned fitness coach, and Ashraf Mahmoud. President of the Sports Culture Union, Brigadier Ahmed Al-Nahhas, the director of Al-Ahly branch in the assembly, Walid Mabrouk, the head of the higher committees of Al-Ahly Club, and prominent media personality Abdel-Rahman Naji.

Following the conclusion of the qualifiers, Sheikha Al Thani personally addressed all the children, expressing her joy in being a part of their experience. She reassured them that the selected participants would receive sponsorship from the SATUC Charity to prepare them for participation in the SATUC World Cup, whether they be boys or girls.


Sheikha Al Thani extended her warmest appreciation to the Board of Directors of Al-Ahly and the Executive Management of the Fifth Settlement branch for their unwavering support and genuine partnership with SATUC. This partnership, she emphasized, has yielded tangible accomplishments and fulfilled the shared ambition of Al-Ahly Club and SATUC to support deserving groups.

Reflecting on SATUC’s mission, Sheikha Al Thani noted, “Since the inception of SATUC years ago, we have placed a strong emphasis on empowering women, recognizing the positive impact this has on societies. We believe that women represent half of society, and their success resonates not only in sports and culture but across all domains.” Sheikha Al Thani also revealed that numerous countries have expressed interest in SATUC’s achievements and are seeking collaboration to replicate its success on their soil. They have also expressed interest in hosting the SATUC World Cup.
Additionally, Sheikha Al Thani announced a new partnership with the Shabab Balad, a UNICEF project, aimed at achieving further milestones to benefit children in need of assistance.

Samar Hamza, the celebrated sports icon, expressed her delight in participating in this heartwarming celebration alongside orphaned children. She emphasized the significance of her role as an ambassador for the SATUC World Cup for Girls, viewing the tournament as an opportunity for girls to showcase their talents and contribute to the growing prominence of women’s sports worldwide. Hamza encouraged the girls to seize this unique opportunity, highlighting the rapid growth of women’s football in Arab countries and its increasing participation at the international level. She urged them to aspire to become future stars in their own right.

SATUC previously organised two editions of the first SATUC World Cup, with Cairo hosting the inaugural event in 2015, where the Egyptian national team emerged victorious among eight participating teams. The second edition took place in Bulgaria in 2019, attracting international and Egyptian sports luminaries.



SATUC World Cup Qualifiers for | girl & Boys | U 16





Qualifiers are run during School Holidays
600 children
Egypt | Syria | Sudan
04:30 PM – 10:00 PM
At Ahly Sporting Club – Fifth Settlement

Event Agenda

September 27th

4:00 pm press conference
4:30 pm opening ceremony
5:00 pm exhibition match
5:30 pm kick off of the qualifiers
8:30 pm announcing the teams
9:00 pm closing ceremony

Shabab Balad - GenU Egypt

Al Ahly

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