About Egypt 2015

In 2015 SATUC launched its most ambitious project yet: the 2015 SATUC World Cup led by SATUC founder Sheikha Al Thani.
Taking place from 29th August – 3rd September, SATUC hosted a 5-a-side football tournament in the Cairo Stadium Indoor Halls Complex with teams comprising orphans and disadvantaged children aged 14-15 from around the world.
Via our partner charities, we brought in teams from Egypt, Syria, England, the Philippines, Algeria, Mauritania, Ivory Coast & Morocco; the tournament was truly global in scope.
Some of the biggest stars supported the cause with Egyptian legends Hassan Shehata and Ahmed Hassan as SATUC’s Honorary President and the Honorary President of the 2015 SATUC World Cup respectively, while footballing legends from all around the world such as Aziz Bouderbala, Rabah Madjer and Carlo Cudicini are just some of the many who joined as tournament ambassadors.
The SATUC World Cup 2015 was just a beginning, and we hope that the tournament grows and flourishes; we want it to be held every two years in a different country until our mission is completed and the SATUC spirit is adopted all over the world.

Press Conference & Match Draw

There was a strong media presence and many of the SATUC Ambassadors were also in attendance. Their aim was to help us spread SATUC’s message around the world. The press conference was offer documents and speeches from dignitaries including SATUC Ambassadors, international speakers, and prominent scholars. As well as other localpoliticians and community leaders.

Match draw results by the Egyptian Football Federation.
  • Group 1: Egypt, England, Syria, Philippines
  • Group 2: Cote D’Ivoire, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania

During the press conference, Sheikha spread SATUC’s message in her Match Draw Speech and took the opportunity to put SATUC and her work in the public eye. In front of the world’s media, she set out her aims and SATUC’s ideals and said ”When the first Suez Canal was opened in 1869 the rules of football were only 6 years old – and it was to be another 53 years before the first Egyptian Cup was held. By contrast, the amazing New Suez Canal opened this month – and the SATUC World Cup was being held just 23 days later”!
“I would like to start by thanking everyone in this room and many others who were not able to join us. The SATUC World Cup is a dream that has been made real because of the astonishing vision, work and generosity of so many people who have partnered with us to make this day happen. We thank our sponsors and ambassadors; our volunteers and our guests; the media and the logistical teams, and all the charities, organisations and footballing legends from around the world who have helped us to organise the trials and the teams. And we thank the players and their representatives for travelling to Cairo to join us in this first-ever SATUC World Cup.”
The SATUC World Cup 2015 is a 5 aside football competition for 15-year-old boys, many of whom are orphans or refugees. The matches will be played across three days at Cairo’s Indoor Stadium. 8 nations have sent squads of 8 players and 2 adults, and the players have all been selected after a series of trials organised by charities or national associations in each country.

SATUC CUP 2015 Guest speakers include:


Hassan Shehata

SATUC honorary President

Ahmed Hassan

Honorary President of 2015 SATUC Cup

Gamal Allam

President of Egypt FA


Dr Ashraf Sobhay

Ministry of Youth and Sport

His excellency Leslie J. Baja

Philippines Ambassador to Egypt

Rabah Madjer

Algerian footballer and SATUC Ambassador


His excellency Dragan Bisenic

Serbian Ambassador to Egypt

Fernando Montano

famous ballet dancer and SATUC Ambassador

Rabah Madjer

Algerian footballer and SATUC Ambassador

His excellency Wedady Weld Seedy Heiba

Mauritania Ambassador to Egypt

The SATUC CUP opening ceremony was a wonderful occasion resplendent with lights, music, dancers and fireworks. Preceding the official opening match between Egypt and Syria (Group 1), which Egypt won 6-0. The excitement was tangible The children mingled well, and everyone was happy to be representing their country. SATUC World Cup for orphans which was held in Cairo under the patronage of Sheikha Sheikha Al Thani, president of SATUC Foundation and founder of World Cup for orphans under the slogan “Children of the world are our children”, illustrating that there is no difference between children in regard of gender, religion, or colour and she treats them equally in order to enable them to engage in the society in which they live. SATUC Cup had a positive effect on the all participating children which was clear through the great happiness on the faces of children either during the matches or accommodation in one of the greatest hotels in Cairo near Cairo airport. There was a lot of joy among orphan children from 8 countries and Sheikha Al Thani who was keen to be with children because they are the base of her charity project and one of the main goals in society. The Syrian children who participated in the tournament were ecstatic especially because they were the focus of the participants and they were so happy either in the hotel or Cairo stadium hall which hosted the tournament.

The 14-15-year-old participants, many of whom had never travelled abroad before, were accommodated with style in the Fairmont Heliopolis Towers Hotel, where they received delicious daily meals and high standards of all-round care. SATUC also provided packed meals to the players and staff, providing the teams with the energy levels that allowed them to give their best on the field.

The Ambassadors’ Friendly Match

The Ambassadors enjoyed a light-hearted friendly match against the media partners where some former professionals could showcase some skills and the crowd enjoyed every minute of it. However, this was an important opportunity for them to put themselves in the players’ boots and unite in a spirit of competitive goodwill. Sheikha was involved too, flying the flag for female footballers!
Rabah Madjer and Abdoulaye Traore selected a team of former footballers and media partners to compete for honour and glory! The match was closely fought, with Rabah’s team running out 2-1 victors. Everyone had a good time and felt more connected to the children who were competing so hard on the pitch.

SATUC Cup 2015 Ambassadors Pack

SATUC’s 2015 children joined famous and renowned football clubs in their countries through the SATUC World Cup. Their lives have changed and they have become national inspirations. This is all thanks to the Sheikha’s idea on how to create stars through her Non-Profit Organization, revealing the talents and potential of children worldwide.
Ardell Isaiah Stirling and Ryan Nana Kofi Nkansah, have been scouted by football teams. SATUC gave them the chance to show the world what they can do. They took it!
This is the result of SATUC’s hard work and we wish a world of success for J’Ardell Isaiah Stirling and Ryan Nana Kofi Nkansah.
J’Ardell Isaiah Stirling & Ryan Nana Kofi Nkansah was one of the kids who trained and played with the help of the SATUC World Cup 2015, England Team (2TR) led by Charles Clement Browne and Glasford Mortimer Stirling.
Months of careful preparation led up to one of the biggest charitable events Cairo has seen: 8 teams, 64 players, 1 goal. And what a success it was. SATUC was delighted and honoured to host such a great tournament, which helped so many underprivileged children.
As well as the hosts Egypt, Algeria, England, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Morocco, the Philippines, and Syria. They came to Egypt for 8 days – 27th August to 3rd September. SATUC’s smooth organization conveyed a highly positive impression of Children: many of the guests praised the charity and the role of Sheikha Sheikha Al Thani.
SATUC has always felt that sport can be a means to a higher purpose. Our message of peace, love, unity and equality is harnessed into the competition of football and the players learn something that transcends sport: they believe in themselves, know the value of teamwork and are left with improved communication and leadership skills, self-belief, and a desire to succeed.
All the children got certificates signed by Sheikha and Rabah Madjer.

SATUC World Cup 2015, Cairo - 1st edition - a success story (J'Ardell Stirling & Ryan Kofi)

SATUC World Cup 2015, Cairo - 1st edition - a success story (Hadi Nabil)

SATUC World Cup 2015, Cairo - 1st edition - a success story (MOHAMED ED-DOGHMI)

SATUC World Cup 2015, Cairo - 1st edition - a success story (Mohammed Ishaq)

A bright future: some boys have been scouted by football teams – we gave them the chance to show the world what they can do, and they took it!
SATUC does more than just helping our children in fact, we have already had some huge success stories. At the cups so far we have invited top football scouts to witness the skills of the stars of tomorrow. We do not see our children as victims, and sometimes we are able to act as a springboard, propelling them into very bright futures! Take Mohammed Isaac for example.

SATUC mission is to improve the living standards and well-being of children in all parts of the world in order to provide them with a brighter future, one without poverty or ill-treatment.

Our Aims:

First: Bringing together orphans, refugees and disadvantaged children from around the world for the purpose of sporting activity and cultural exchange.

Second: Giving disadvantaged children and orphans space to excel, making them the centre of attention and, through encouragement and mentoring, encouraging their successful self-realization and putting a smile on their faces.

Third: Establishing and reinforcing the principle of equality of opportunity. Attempting to reverse feelings of inadequacy, enhancing children’s ability to create chances for themselves.

Fourth: To light candles of hope that will illuminate routes into professional footballing and other careers, encouraging ambition for future success in all endeavours

Fifth: To offer opportunities for disadvantaged children to travel abroad and experience different cultures, allowing them to engage with their peers in other countries, exchanging expertise and experience.

Sixth: To increase children’s sense of patriotism through these events with the ceremonies of flag-raising and the singing of national anthems.