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Sheikha Al Thani had a huge impact on the players at the SATUC World Cup 2015

Sheikha waves the flag for all countries, spreading SATUC’s principles of equality, and unity and breaking down barriers between nations.

Sheikha was always involved with the children – talking to them, helping them, guiding them. Their friendship was wonderful to see.

She sat with the crowd, raising support and taking the opportunity to spread SATUC’s message that all humans are equal.

The players clearly loved Sheikha, as they were very keen to chat with her, play games, dance, clap, sing, and take selfies… You can see the smiles she brings to the children’s faces!

Seeing the Pyramids, the final part of Sheikha’s SATUC experience, these players dared to dream of what they might achieve.

Sheikha inspires confidence and happiness in the players when sitting with them in the crowd.

Sheikha invested so much energy and feeling into giving these players the best experience she could.

Sheikha helped everyone to cross borders, integrate, and shared a message of love and peace.

Sheikha changed these children’s lives and you can see the emotion on everyone’s faces when it is time to say goodbye.


Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arman Isagaliev received an official written invitation from SATUC to host the 2020 World Orphans Championship in Kazakhstan. What we would need now is to have further talks to finalise all matters related to the organisation of this event which has become a major event, attracting huge coverage from media outlets around the world.

Kazakhstan’s ambassador stressed that the organisation of the tournament will be a great opportunity to showcase Kazakhstan to the world. His excellency informed us hat he will invite sports stars to participate in the event and support the tournament and to be ambassadors in the tournament for the benefit of orphaned and underprivileged children.

Sheikha Al Thani also asked Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arman Isagaliev to take part in the edition of our World Cup this year.

Sheikha Al Thani also thanked Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arman Isagaliev for attending the fourth edition of the SATUC League, which was organised by Al Ahli Club.
During the meeting, Ambassador Isagaliev referred to the attractions and growing popularity of tourism in Kazakhstan. Also, He heard from Sheikha Al Thani about the future projects of SATUC and its role in helping underprivileged children

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