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SATUC World Cup | England selection

On Saturday 27th May 2017, SATUC, (Sheikha Al Thani for Underprivileged Children) an organization that works with under-privileged children around the World, in collaboration with 2TR, an organization in the United Kingdom that trains under-privileged children to use football as a means to overcome various difficulties they have in life, booked the Arsenal hub at the Emirates Stadium to hold a final selection for the SATUC World Cup, to be held in Doha, Qatar in October this year.

SATUC last held these championships in Cairo Egypt in 2015, which event was attended by Under 15-year-old boys from 32 countries. The event was a roaring success and was picked up by most of the media companies in Africa and the Middle East. However, as the 32 countries comprise not only African and Middle Eastern countries, students from as far as South America and Canada, and Europe, the selections last Saturday were hailed as a very prestigious event, being the precursor to the SATUC World Cup.

The event was attended by Sheikah Al Thani, the founder of the charity, and she was extremely proud of the level achieved by the boys who took part in the event. The final 8 Children who were selected were at such a high level, and it is hoped that these children will go on to play at higher levels. In fact, one past student who has been through this program currently plays in the Under 18’s squad for one of the professional football teams in the Premier League.

The event was arranged by Mr Charles Brown, Clasford Stirling, and Christian Rule of 2TR, and by Erica Francoise who is the head of Operations of SATUC. While we commiserate with the children who missed out on the selections, it goes to show how high the level of these children is, as only the very best went through to participate in Qatar in October.

The organization is wholly funded by donations from sponsors, and anyone willing to help these underprivileged children achieve their dream is advised to email for your donations or for more information.

Please visit our website at for information about the work of this noble organization.


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