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Sheikha Al Thani Signs a Protocol with BFU President Mr. Borislav Mihaylo for SATUC World Cup

SATUC Bulgaria

BFU President Mr. Borislav Mihaylo and SATUC chairperson Sheikha Althani signed a Protocol for hosting SATUC World Cup in Sofia 2018.

SATUC is happy to announce that the next SATUC world cup will be in Bulgaria.
Partnering with the Bulgarian Football Union, the SATUC World Cup will gather 12 different countries from all around the world to participate in the second edition of the event. This was decided after several negotiations that have been taking place in the past few months and Sheikha Sheikha’s meeting with the President of the Bulgarian Football Union on the 18th of June 2018 where they finalized their obligations and signed the Project Charter. However, it is at the press conference on the 19th where they signed the agreement that now binds both parties to this humanitarian event that many have been eagerly waiting for.
Sheikha had previously expressed how certain situations that were not predicted and were out of the charity’s hands caused the year-long delay of the 2nd edition of the SATUC Cup. Since it was unpredictable it is only natural that the same children, if possible, would participate in the 2018 SATUC Cup so that they would not have lost a chance that they were prepared for and eager to have.

The 12 teams will play against each other over 4 days and then will get to go on a cultural tour of the country which is a traditional part of the event. The event will start on the 11th of August where there will be a press conference to announce the draws for the groups in front of all the participating teams and many of the charity’s ambassadors. The games will start on the 12th of August and end on the 16th, but the trip will end after the tour on the 19th. The Cup, as always, will act as a platform for the kids to showcase their abilities to talented spotters from all over the world, hoping to afford them a new chance at life in a field that they treasure and love. These talent spotters will be jointly invited by the Bulgarian Football Union as well as SATUC. After a great legacy from the first edition, where many of the participating kids went on to play in world-renounced football clubs around the world and start their careers in their dream jobs, we can see a better one coming along soon as SATUC puts its hands in the Bulgarian Football Union’s hands. More news will be announced soon so please stay tuned and support these kids on their journey towards their ambitions through the SATUC Cup.

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