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Syrian Children | SATUC World Cup | Cairo Stadium Hall hosted them

SATUC World Cup for orphans which was held in Cairo under the patronage of Sheikha Sheikha Al Thani, president of SATUC foundation and founder of World Cup for orphans under the slogan “Children of the world are our children”, illustrating that there is no difference between children in regard of gender, religion, or color and she treats them equally in order to enable them to engage in the society in which they live.

SATUC Cup had a positive effect on all participating children which was clear through the great happiness on the faces of children either during the matches or accommodation in one of the greatest hotels in Cairo near Cairo airport. There was a lot of joy among orphan children from 8 countries and Sheikha Al Thani who was keen to be with children because they are the base of her charity project and one of the main goals in society.

The Syrian children who participated in the tournament were ecstatic especially because they were the focus of the participants and they were so happy either in the hotel or Cairo stadium hall which hosted the tournament.

SATUC Cup brought together many Football stars from around the Arab countries the superstar Hassan Shehata Honorary President of SATUC Foundation, Ahmed Hassan the most capped international male footballer in history, Shawky Gharib, Mohamed Zidan, Ahmed Shobair, Ahmed El-Kass, Emad Moteab who did not attend for he was with Al Ahly in Spain, Abdel Halim Ali, Eng. Adly Elqee‘, and Arab international stars; Algerian star Rabah Madjer, Ivorian star Abdoulaye Traoré, Mauritanian star Baba Sak, Saudi stars Saeed Al-Owairan and Ali Kmeikh Al-Nasr star, Musad AlZouihry president of AlAhly Saudi FC, Jordanian star Ahmad Hayel, and Moroccan star Aziz Bouderbala apologized for non-participation due to a match of Moroccan national team in the African Cup as he is a sporting director in the Royal Moroccan Football Federation

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