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Aziz Bouderbala | SATUC Ambassador | Morocco

Kazakhstan On July 25, 2019, Thursday. His excellency Arman Isagaliev, Kazakhstan’s Ambassador in Cairo, received Sheikha Al Thani, President of the SATUC Foundation, at the Embassy of Kazakhstan to discuss the possibility of Kazakhstan hosted the 2020 World Cup for orphans. This offer from SATUC was very much welcomed by Ambassador Arman Isagaliev.

During the meeting, close cooperation between SATUC and Kazakhstan was discussed. Also, SATUC extended his invitation to a Kazakhstan Charity Organisation to send a team of underprivileged children to our 2019 World Cup,

Ambassador Arman Isagaliyev expressed his admiration for the SATUC initiative which he feels has a big role in society, especially as it helps to address some of the problems that affect these children who one day will become adults. Early intervention and support of these children will benefit the society in which they live.

Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arman Isagaliev received an official written invitation from SATUC to host the 2020 World Orphans Championship in Kazakhstan. What we would need now is to have further talks to finalise all matters related to the organisation of this event which has become a major event, attracting huge coverage from media outlets around the world.

Kazakhstan’s ambassador stressed that the organisation of the tournament will be a great opportunity to showcase Kazakhstan to the world. His excellency informed us hat he will invite sports stars to participate in the event and support the tournament and to be ambassadors in the tournament for the benefit of orphaned and underprivileged children.

Sheikha Al Thani also asked Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arman Isagaliev to take part in the edition of our World Cup this year.

Sheikha Al Thani also thanked Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arman Isagaliev for attending the fourth edition of the SATUC League, which was organised by Al Ahli Club.
During the meeting, Ambassador Isagaliev referred to the attractions and growing popularity of tourism in Kazakhstan. Also, He heard from Sheikha Al Thani about the future projects of SATUC and its role in helping underprivileged children

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