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SATUC & 2TR | Star-studded kick-around

Star-studded kick-around to cement ties between SATUC & 2TR. After the trials at the Broadwater Farm Community Centre later this evening, SATUC has organized a friendly kick-around between staff members and our distinguished guests to celebrate many things: the visit of Ahmed Hassan & Nader El-Sayed from Egypt, SATUC’s partnership with 2TR and most importantly the achievement and effort of the kids.

Despite the friendly atmosphere, Ahmed Hassan warns us he will be taking no prisoners so we can expect a feisty affair! SATUC founder Sheikha Al Thani will be man-marking him so we have no doubt he will be kept firmly in her back pocket for the duration of the game. Nader El-Sayed will be making a rare appearance out of goal, so we expect a display of silky skills!
The short game after the main event promises to be a fun-filled occasion played in the best spirits which should help cement the ties of friendship between SATUC & 2TR.

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