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His Excellency Nestor Osorio the Colombian ambassador to the UK meet Sheikha Al Thani

Sheikha Al Thani meets His Excellency Nestor Osorio, the Colombian ambassador to the UK. Earlier in March at the SATUC Cup Press Conference, Juan Manuel Uribe-Robledo, the Minister Plenipotentiary of the Colombian Embassy to the UK was in attendance to represent Colombian interests at the 2015 SATUC Cup.

Earlier today Sheikha met the Colombian ambassador himself, who had kindly taken time out of his busy schedule to grant SATUC’s founder an audience with a view to discussing Colombian support for this year’s tournament and future editions as well.

Sheikha began the meeting by explaining her own route into charity, the aims of the SATUC Cup, and football’s importance to the tournament.

His Excellency was very enthused by the project and said it was very worthwhile to create possibilities for children and facilities for them to develop as SATUC is doing.

He added that the aims of the SATUC Cup align closely with those of the Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs who has launched targeted sports campaigns to bring peace throughout regions of the country that have been affected by conflict and unrest.  In this sense, His Excellency felt that the SATUC Cup would be a perfect match for Colombia and he was very excited by the possibilities ahead.

His Excellency was sure that if future SATUC Cups were hosted in Colombia, it would ‘create a special atmosphere’ for the whole country and he would do his utmost to help kick-start the project.

His Excellency complimented Sheikha on her impressive achievements at such an early age, saying there were very few girls who at her age were already changing the world. He concluded by stating the importance of having goals in life – and of course scoring goals!

With the formal aspect of the meeting over, Sheikha and His Excellency bonded over personal interests and discovered that His Excellency’s daughter had attended the same school which Sheikha currently attends.

Sheikha left the meeting on very friendly terms with His Excellency, who has promised to help SATUC with any future endeavors involving Colombian teams at the tournament and even possibly staging the SATUC Cup in Colombia at a future date.


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