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Sheikha Al Thani Announces about SATUC World Cup 2015

On Wednesday 25th March Sheikha Sheikha Al-Thani, the founder of SATUC, officially announced the 2015 SATUC Cup in front of an audience of distinguished guests at the Arab British Chamber of Commerce.

Speeches were made by Sheikha, Ahmed Hassan (the Honorary President of the 2015 SATUC Cup), Chris Rule of 2TR, and Andres Munoz of the Kiso Lab Foundation.  All of them united in a common goal to end the suffering of disadvantaged children from around the world.

Sheikha’s stirring speech brought the audience to their feet. It was truly inspirational to see a young girl of only 15 speak so articulately about what is an absolutely amazing project. But the most inspirational thing was left unsaid. That Sheikha, still a child herself, is dedicating so much time and effort to helping those who are less fortunate than herself. Her drive and determination are unquestionable and her passion is undeniable. It was truly a sight to see. 

Many eminent guests were in attendance including His Excellency Mr Nasser Kamel, the Ambassador of Egypt, His Excellency Mr Ivan Romero-Martinez, the Ambassador of Honduras, and Mr Juan Manuel Uribe-Robledo, the Colombian Deputy Head of Mission. The fact that so many governmental figures took time out of their busy schedules to support SATUC is a testament to what fantastic work the charity is undertaking and, importantly, to the character and personality of Sheikha herself. 

The 2015 SATUC Cup is set to take place in Cairo from the 28th of August – the 3rd of September. So far 9 teams are confirmed from 9 different countries: Egypt, the UK, Algeria, Jordan, Morocco, the Philippines, Honduras, Colombia, and Syria.  The tournament will raise awareness for a number of grassroots projects from around the world and will also act as a vehicle for donations.

The power of sport as an aid to social development is irrefutable and this tournament will surely inspire the participating children to dream of something better. It is an opportunity for these children to escape poverty and change their lives, as well as those of their families.


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