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SATUC World Cup Morocco | Egypt Team

The participating teams are already preparing to try to win the precious trophy.
The 3rd edition of the SATUC World Cup which will be held in the Moroccan city of Tiznit in April 2020 promises to be an exciting tournament. This is the case of Egypt, whose team of eager young players is involved in an intense training plan to make a good impression in Tiznit. The Egyptian team is composed entirely of orphaned children. They live in different orphanages in Egypt.
Based on the tournament requirements, they have to be under 15 years old to take part in it. Being orphaned at such a young age is a tragedy in itself. But the Egyptian youngsters who will go to the SATUC World Cup in Morocco are determined to turn their tragedy into achievements. Sheikha Al Thani SATUC Chairperson very excited to meet all the teams.

Egypt plans to impress in SATUC World Cup

SATUC Egypte Team is training on issues related to fitness and, needless to say, footballing skills. They plan to mesmerize those who will travel to Tiznit to watch the SATUC World Cup. They are excited at the prospect of traveling to Morocco to show what they can do on a football pitch. They will be hard to beat, and rightly so.

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