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SATUC sponsors | 2 Touch Rulz London Schools Tournament 2015

On the 9th of December the SATUC team, including Sheikha Al-Thani, presented the trophy and winning medals at the 2 Touch Rulz 2015 London Schools tournament. SATUC sponsored the yearly competition which sees young players from across London playing 2 Touch Rulz (2TR) – a new kind of football where a player is only allowed to touch the ball consecutively twice. It was the first time 2TR


was able to gain sponsorship for one of its tournaments; this reflects the growing stature of the game.


The event held at Haverstock School in North London saw 6 teams of 5 battle it out over an afternoon. Strong performances and team flair made for a lively competition; a team from Haverstock school itself eventually won the event.


Sheikha Al-Thani, founder of SATUC, said “The tournament was a fantastic display of footballing skill and movement; it was a real privilege to watch. The reason why we wanted to support the 2TR tournament is because it’s not just about football – 2TR also has a strong social mentoring programme along with it. It’s about strong values and respect both on and off the field. This is the kind of message that we want sport to give out.”


Charles Browne, co-founder of 2TR, expressed his thoughts on SATUC’s sponsoring of the tournament: “It’s fantastic to forge a new partnership; and we really appreciate that SATUC have seen the work we have been doing and value what has been achieved. I hope this is to be the start of many future collaborations on projects using sport to enhance opportunities for young people.”

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