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Syrian Refugees and Orphans in Cairo | SATUC visit

SATUC representatives in Cairo visited the Syrian children at the School for Syrian Refugees and Orphans

From these brave and war-torn children, a Syrian team will be selected to compete at the 2015 SATUC Cup, where they will be cheered on by another 300 Syrian refugee children, who SATUC have recently invited to be their guests at the tournament.

But by far the most important thing about the visit was for SATUC to be given a chance to get to know some of these remarkable and courageous children, their backgrounds, what their daily lives are like, what obstacles they have already had to overcome in their lives, what their hopes & dreams are – and finally how SATUC can help these children.

The children are all really looking forward to the tournament and SATUC’s visit today was the cause of much excitement and happiness. Whether they attend as players or spectators, we hope all the children will leave the tournament with a big smiles on their faces!

Just as excited is SATUC Founder Sheikha Al Thani who, though she unfortunately couldn’t be there for the visit, made sure she followed the meeting closely so she could find out as much as possible about these incredible children. She is counting down the days until she can meet the children and the Syrian team in person!

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