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Aziz Bouderbala | SATUC Ambassador | drives 700 km to visit the Moroccan Children’s Trust

SATUC Ambassador Aziz Bouderbala drives 700 km to visit the Moroccan Children’s Trust. Moroccan football star and SATUC World Cup ambassador drove 700 km all the way from Agadir to the southern city of Taroudant in Morocco to visit the underprivileged children of the Moroccan Children’s Trust (MCT), SATUC’s partner charity and an organization focused on improving outcomes for street-connected children and their families in Morocco.

The MCT had been in a state of excitement for weeks in anticipation of Aziz Bouderbala’s arrival and when the great man finally arrived after his very long journey he certainly didn’t disappoint. With a big smile on his face, Captain Aziz embraced each and every child and staff member warmly and handed them the gifts he had brought with him. He took the time to find out more about their lives and backgrounds, their hopes and dreams, and offered his tips and advice gained from his own hugely successful and challenging career. Soon enough the talk turned to the MCT’s participation at the 2015 SATUC World Cup led by Sheikha Al Thani; Captain Aziz spoke about the significance of the tournament and the impact it could have on them and their future lives and how it was crucial that they prepared well in advance. On this note he then led a training session for all the children, offering some technique tips and tactical advice acquired from playing many years of football at the highest level, which the children will doubtless put to good use once the tournament starts in August.

Captain Aziz stressed the importance of being disciplined and dedicated and how in football, as with anything in life, you get out of it what you put in. He encouraged the

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