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Boris Johnson MP | Mayor of London | expresses his support for the SATUC World Cup

Boris Johnson MP & Mayor of London expresses his support for the 2015 SATUC World Cup. In response to SATUC founder Sheikha’s invitation to Boris Johnson to join us as a tournament ambassador, we were delighted to receive a reply from the Mayor of London himself within days.

As Mr. Johnson explained to Sheikha, he regrettably could not take up SATUC’s offer as it would clash with the heavy workload of his mayoral duties. Following last week’s UK elections where Mr. Johnson was confirmed not only as MP for Uxbridge & South Ruislip, but also as a member of Prime Minister David Cameron’s cabinet, it seems Mr Johnson would have had even less time to dedicate to the 2015 SATUC World Cup, so we fully understand his position.

However, the Mayor stated in his letter how grateful he was for the kind invitation and explained how he did not want to jeopardize the name and work of SATUC by accepting a position that he knew he could not have fully committed to, as all our other excellent ambassadors have been.

The Mayor was, however, extremely generous in his praise of the work SATUC is doing, writing that he was ‘delighted to learn about SATUC and your [Sheikha & SATUC’s] work to improve the lives of disadvantaged children from across the world, using sport as a catalyst to drive social change’.

Mr. Johnson ended his kind letter by extending his warmest wishes to all connected with SATUC and expressing his hope that this year’s event in Cairo would be a fantastic success.

We at SATUC are extremely pleased to have received the support and best wishes of a figure as influential and highly-esteemed as Boris Johnson as it demonstrates that SATUC as a charity is very much on the right track – we look forward to hopefully collaborating with Mr Johnson in the future.

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