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Ahmed Shobair | SATUC World Cup Ambassador

We are very pleased to announce the latest high-profile signing to our stellar team of Tournament Ambassadors at the 2015 SATUC Cup – Ahmed Shobair!

Mr. Shobair is a former Egyptian goalkeeper who played for El Ahly Club in the Egyptian Premier League and for the Egyptian national team. As a one-club player and true legend of El Ahly, he gave many years (1980-1996) of distinguished service and won a huge array of trophies in the process, including:

7 Egyptian League titles
5 Egyptian Soccer Cup titles
1 African Champions League title in 1987
4 African Cup Winners’ Cup titles
1 Arab Champions League title in 1996
1 Arab Cup winners’ cup title in 1995

On the international stage, he played in the 1990 World Cup held in Italy and won the Pan Arab Games gold medal & Arab Cup title in 1992. He has frequently been voted the best Arab and Egyptian goalkeeper throughout his career.

No less impressive is his career since hanging up his boots; he is a former vice-president of the Egyptian Football Association and a previous official of the Egyptian National Olympic team. He is also a renowned football pundit, commentator, and show anchor. He started his broadcasting career at Dream channel and is currently with AlHayat TV for his TV show ” الكرة مع شوبي (‘El Kora Ma’a Shobeir)” or “The Football with Shobeir”. He was also a member of the Egyptian Parliament, representing his city Tanta, in Gharbia Governorate for the term commencing in 2005 and ending in 2010.

We are very happy to have such an experienced and influential figure such as Mr. Shobair join us and look forward to all the excellent work he will inevitably contribute to.

Kazakhstan’s ambassador stressed that the organisation of the tournament will be a great opportunity to showcase Kazakhstan to the world. His excellency informed us hat he will invite sports stars to participate in the event and support the tournament and to be ambassadors in the tournament for the benefit of orphaned and underprivileged children.

Sheikha Al Thani also asked Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arman Isagaliev to take part in the edition of our World Cup this year.

Sheikha Al Thani also thanked Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arman Isagaliev for attending the fourth edition of the SATUC League, which was organised by Al Ahli Club.
During the meeting, Ambassador Isagaliev referred to the attractions and growing popularity of tourism in Kazakhstan. Also, He heard from Sheikha Al Thani about the future projects of SATUC and its role in helping underprivileged children

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