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SATUC education city

SATUC wishes that all those who read about this project contribute to its fruition by contributions of whatever size to the benefit the future children of this educational institution. This project demonstrates the solidarity of the people that support a brighter future children who need our communal support. 

SATUC Education City

SATUC Education City

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Boys and Girls

We realize how big is the number of children who need to be taken care of, so through our education city the orphaned children will be enabling realizing their dreams of being outstanding, successful, famous and of securing a good future through constant training, competition, and implanting in them the values of serious work and responsibility at a time when the World is starting to adopt a new development thought, based on building the abilities of human beings and enlarging the scope of their options; and a new development administration, relying on the private sector and the civil community as partners of the government for confronting the challenges of change and progress.

Sheikha Al-Thani for Underprivileged Children aspires at offering a successful pioneer model of the desired level of social obligation to show NGO’s how to carry out and support the necessary development initiatives in order to realize sustainable human development in our homelands.


we need your help

You can pay in online, by visiting our donate page. · You can call us. Ring the Supporter Relations team on +2 01000464614 from 9-5pm, Monday to Friday


1st Challenge

500000 US Dollar


2nd Challenge

500000 US Dollar


3rd Challenge

500000 US Dollar


4th Challenge

500000 US Dollar

The SATUC Education City | SATUCEC

Project Seeks!

Sheikha Al Thani for Underprivilege Children seeks to provide opportunities for marginalised and disadvantaged young people around the world. The SATUC Education City had grown out of an idea from one young woman, Sheikha-Al Thani, but its impact is already reaching and touching the lives of orphans, refugees and vulnerable young people in many different parts of the world.

Could you please help us

Open door for donations and contribution: In order to carry out this work and to lay the foundation stone, SATUC decided to open the door to all the collaborators in addition to the donors to collect the project cost for this educational city as well as to purchase the land in direct cooperation with several ministries concerned, and to recruit the required companies to execute the project according to the required specifications. Construction will begin immediately after the purchase of the land.


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Thank you for raising money for SATUC Education City Use the form below to pay it in, and help make the dreams come true for the most wonderful children in the world.

Paying in forms

Please fill in the relevant donation form (see above) and send it to us along with your check. If you want to pay your money in over the or you have any queries about the paying in process, you can give us a call at +2 01000464614 we’ll be happy to help.

Paying in methods
You can send in your donation in a number of different ways:
If you’re making a bank transfer please use the following details:Donate to Sheikha Al Thani for underprivileged children NGO through the National Bank of Egypt.
Account Name: Sheikha Al Thani for underprivileged children Charity
Account No: 1323070617310300016
IBAN: EG960003013230706173103000160
Bank Name: National Bank of Egypt “Al Ahly Bank” NBE
Branch Name: Thawra




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