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On the 5th of October 2013 Sheikha Al Thani traveled to Glasgow Scotland to attend the (BIHR) British Institute of Human Rights course.

Sheikha had a very productive trip and Sheikha made an excellent impression on all participants in the BIHR Tour in Glasgow on Saturday. Sheikha was really pleased that she spent the weekend in Glasgow, Scotland, and participated actively in the British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) tour, and also shared time with Margaret Mackenzie – Project Co-Ordinator Sense Scotland, and the young people, they loved the items that Sheikha donated and took a couple of group photos with Sheikha

Name of event: Young People’s Human Rights Tour – Glasgow
Organizations hosting the event: British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) with local partner Article 12 in Scotland.

(BIHR) The British Institute of Human Rights thinks it is important that children and young people have the chance to get together and talk about human rights, to find out what they mean. Politicians are also talking about the future of our human rights law, and they think it is important that children and young people have a say about these issues and discuss Article 12, Page 13 which stipulates that every young child has the right to freely express his opinions and ideas regarding anything related to his life, and the child has the right to be heard in all decision-making procedures, including court sessions.

Sheikha in turn contributed to presenting her experience in important matters related to human rights in Egypt and gave her opinion and contributed and expanded her contribution to the Middle East and the world. Sheikha also announced her love and desire to participate in the second conference in London.

”Well done Sheikha for all your efforts in trying to help children and young people who need someone to speak for them” ‘Margaret said’

On the same day, Sheikha met with Margaret Mackenzie – Project Co-Ordinator of Sense Scotland, and the visit was very interesting.

Sheikha expressed her appreciation and respect for how to deal with children with special needs. She expressed her great respect for the efforts made by the administration, and they expressed their kind welcome to her, especially when they learned that she traveled to visit and made an effort for that, and they thanked her for providing gifts.

In addition to the aforementioned, there were intensive procedures and contacts taking place with the international organization UNESCO to coordinate the trip to the Zaatari camp in Jordan for Syrian refugee children, to share with them the feast, and to try to draw even a small smile on their faces.

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