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Sheikha Al Thani has taken part in a training campaign by UNICEF

The SATUC Chairperson Sheikha Al Thani has taken part in a training campaign event organized by UNICEF UK to learn about the issue of child trafficking in the UK, the Government’s proposed Modern Slavery Bill and the key tools to lobby MP to make sure they put the necessary pressure to guarantee a robust bill to tackle this scourge.


As the founder of a charity focused on improving the lives of underprivileged children ( and being a teenager herself, Sheikha has assumed this fight as a highly personal one and highlighted our collective capacity as citizens to actively contribute to tackling it.

Sheikha’s shared concern about its extent was the drive to participate in the event, where she confirmed the alarming data that at least ten children are trafficked every week in the United Kingdom. Convinced that civil society has the power to stop this shameful plight, Sheikha has had the opportunity to discuss the measures that each individual can take to get involved in this urgent campaign.

Its extreme importance had already taken her to contact her MP prior to this event to try to arrange a meeting to discuss what he can do to make sure the Government’s proposed bill includes the strongest measures. Her aim is also to maximize the tools she has had the opportunity to learn at UNICEF training campaign event to ensure the Modern Slavery Bill, already included in the Queen’s Speech, covers all the necessary tools to protect children.

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