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    Describe why you should be accepted as a volunteer for the 2017 SATUC Cup.

    Have you ever been convicted of a crime?[If yes, please explain the nature of the crime and the date of the conviction] (Conviction of a crime is not an automatic disqualification for volunteer work.)

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Adequate notice must be given by any volunteer who discharges their SATUC Cup duties so that replacements can be found in timely fashion with minimum disruption to the running of the tournament.
    2. Any decisions must be met with SATUC CEO’s explicit approval before they can be implemented.
    3. Any contacts made in the course of volunteering for SATUC are SATUC’s contacts and may only be used outside of SATUC activities if express permission is given to do so by SATUC’s CEO.
    4. SATUC as a registered charity in Egypt (No. 855).
    5. Volunteers will not be paid any money in the course of their time with SATUC.
    6. SATUC provides transportation, food and residence for the volunteers during SATUC Cup and other SATUC’s activities.
    7. SATUC awards the volunteers with certificates of appreciation and documents confirming their volunteering.
    8. Save for individuals with written permission from SATUC CEO, NO volunteers authorised to collect donations or contact donors in the name of SATUC

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    • I understand that SATUC accepts no responsibility for any bodily injury, personal injury, illness, and death or property damage sustained to myself in the course of volunteering for the 2015 SATUC Cup.
    • I also give consent for SATUC or any other agency specifically commissioned by SATUC to capture images, photographs, videos or audio recordings of myself during any SATUC activity for use in marketing and promotional purposes.

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