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Sheikha signed a protocol with | Regional Council | Tiznit Morocco | SATUC World Cup 2020

Sheikha signed a protocol with Regional Council in Tiznit Morocco for SATUC World Cup 2020

Orphaned and disadvantaged children usually spend their time-fighting emotions of loss and loneliness every single day; grasping for what seems to be a glimpse of hope that might appear suddenly and disappears just as fast. They have no one but themselves. It is essentially not easy to be facing all the hardships of life when you are an orphaned or a deprived child. Life becomes harder than ever as you lack the economic resources and you long for psychological support. What would you aspire for other than merely having shelter, food, and health care? And yet, it is not comfortable to be fully surrounded by compassionate and sympathetic looks, well-intentioned, but not much helping. Yet, if you aspire for someone to look at you as a hero, you would be seeking a far dream. You would be seeking a lot of elements, while most of them are not available or within reach.

Therefore, Mr. Abdullah Ghazi, President of the Regional Council in Tiznit, Morocco, and SATUC Chairperson Sheikha Al Thani announced that Tiznit Morocco will host 16 nations from around the world including the Syrian refugees participating in the 3rd edition of SATUC World Cup from 13 April 2020 to 19 April 2020, under the slogan “Morocco, the land of love and peace”. The protocol was signed on Saturday, November 02, 2019, at 11:00 am in Tiznit province.

Mr. Abdullah Ghazi, President of the Regional Council in Tiznit, Morocco, and SATUC Chairperson Sheikha Althani signed a protocol in the Tiznit Provincial in front of Mr. Hassan Khalil His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s Worker for Tiznit Province, Mr. Ibrahim Boghdan, President of the Tiznit Group, and members of the Regional Council Bureau and Presidents, Involved foreign interests and some civilian actors and the press.

The press conference was attended by a number of national footballers stars, Mr Aziz Bouderbala, Mr Abdul Razzaq Khairi
Mr Abdel Fattah Wdanny, Mr Khaled Al Abyad and Mr Salaheddine bassir and news outlets to share with the public the great news. Furthermore, as a sign of welcoming the General awarded SATUC’s Chairperson gifts to commemorate the new union between organisations.

The SATUC World Cup in 2020 to support the children, and football legends from across the globe will be attending the SATUC World Cup in Tiznit, Morocco. Not only this but it has been decided that there will be a match between legends on the 2nd day of the matches of the SATUC World Cup to give the kids a chance to see their models playing a football match.

With the His Majesty King Mohammed VI’s support and Tiznit Province both SATUC and Tiznit Province believe that this event will be a great success and a dream come true for the kids to step foot and play in Morocco, Tiznit ”the land of love and peace”. Thanks to every sponsor contributing and supporting SATUC, and thanks to all those who contributed, even with a little effort, to enable us to be here, in this new station of our journey, hoping that SATUC would be present in every corner of the world in the coming years. More news will come so stay tuned! The event welcomes spectators to come and join to support the kids and watch the games but must first email for confirmation of seats. See you soon and Let’s Paint White Flags Blue!. We hope that you would accompany us on this

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