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George Weah and Ahmed Hassan at SATUC Tournament Sharm el-Sheikh

The Egypt city of Sharm el-Sheikh witnessed a major football tournament for five days from December 30, 2015, to January 3, 2016. The SATUC football tournament was organized in solidarity with several Egyptian ministries, several charities operating in Egypt, guests and ambassadors of SATUC from several countries of the world to choose the Egyptian and Syrian teams to participate in SATUC World Cup in 2017 for orphans under the the the 15 years old. During the tournament, Morocco was named the host country for SATUC World Cup in 2017 for orphans.
The event in Sharm el-Sheikh was attended by the African football player George Weah, who played at Milan and was named 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year. Weah came to Egypt to participate in choosing the best players from Egypt and Syria. The event was also attended by football players: Pascal Feindouno, Ahmed Hassan, Ahmed Shoubair, Hani Ramzy, Osama Nabih, Ahemd Nagy, Ashraf Mamdouh, Tariq Yehya, Rabie Yassin, Tawfik Saqr, Mahmoud Fayez, Jamal Alam, Amri Farouk and the anchor’s Ashraf Mahmoud and TV host Tamer Amin, in addition to many football players from Egyptian teams.
More than 150 children participated in the event hoping to be chosen by SATUC ambassadors of international football players. SATUC is going to sponsor the Egyptian and Syrian teams and support them by all means of attention and care under the supervision of football experts aiming to make professional football players of the talented children participating at the SATUC tournament in Sharm el-Sheikh and then at SATUC World Cup for Orphans in 2017.
This tournament was such a great opportunity for those orphaned children to come together and meet with many football experts and professionals to encourage them and take them as role models. This event was made to demolish several barriers in order to make the dreams of those children come true. SATUC believes that such an event gave those children a better chance to communicate with the community and to make their dreams come true supported by several countries and charities.

The SATUC tournament in 2016 was part of the eliminations for the World Cup for orphans in 2017, in which 24 countries from five continents will participate. SATUC is pleased to receive support from several institutions, businessmen, governments, and NGOs in order to draw smiles on the faces of orphaned children and pave the way for them to succeed This is how SATUC cares for orphaned children around the world.

On the first day of the tournament, 150 orphaned children gathered in front of the Ministry of Social Solidarity in the presence of several officials and media to cover the event. Each coordinator submitted a list for his team to SATUC to make sure they are identical to the lists provided by the Ministry of Social Solidarity. The SATUC team was there since the early morning waiting for the children who were chosen by the Ministry of Social Solidarity to participate in the tournament. The children and their supervisors arrived at 11 am when the SATUC team gave them a warm welcome to ease their suffering from losing their families. They were offered water and juice before they were organized in one line. 50 orphaned children from Syria were present and led by the Syrian Captain Anas Hosary and 5 supervisors so that each one would be responsible for 10 children as agreed with the Ministry of Social Solidarity.
SATUC team lined up the children before each child received a new sports bag like professionals that includes football clothing, towel, socks, training suit…etc. The orphans were very happy to have such an experience for the first time in their lives they passed through many difficulties because of the loss of their families.
After the children and the supervisors received their sportswear, they headed to five large luxury buses to transport them to Sharm el-Sheikh. Official Egyptian media as well as private televisions were there to cover the unique event. Everybody got in the busses including the official supervisors of the Egyptian Football Association:

1- Nasser Mohammed Faraj – contests committee
2- Mohammed al-Husseini – contests committee
3- Atif Hussein – referee
4- Walid Abdel-Razek – referee
5- Mohammed Hassan – international referee
6- Sharif Rashwan – international referee
7- Mohamed Sayed Dakar – international referee
8- Mohammed’s childhood – referee
9- Dr. Mustafa Almuniry
10- Captain Khaled Ibrahim – Rehabilitation Specialist
11- Captain Sayed Said – Rehabilitation Specialist

The event was covered by Egyptian public television as well as several private televisions (al-Hayat, Mehwar, and Nahar)

Meals, juices, and water bottles were distributed to people on board. We tried to relieve their suffering and to provide a joyous atmosphere for them.

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