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Egyptian children vs Syrian children





Orphans children
Syrian refugee Children

1st place

The Women’s Association for the Improvement of Health for the Education of Boys, No. 888 in the Ministry of Solidarity, is located in Menoufia Governorate.

2nd place

The Association Bilal Ibn Rabah famous number 450 and located in Alexandria

The winners qualified to participate in the SATUC World Cup under the auspices of the SATUC charity and technical director Ahmed Abdul Zaher, who chose the following names of the participants of Egyptian children

The SATUC World Cup is a new 5-a-side football tournament for teams of 14 and 15-year-old boys from at least ten different nations. The sides will consist of boys who have experienced a wide range of disadvantages or poverty in their lives and who, in many cases, are orphans or war refugees.

This is about more than three tournaments; we are keen to ensure that the legacy of the SATUC Cup is a lasting one for all the teams. In each of the participating countries, we are partnering with a charity or organization, which seeks to help children and their development.

  1. Mohammed Yusri Hassan Hassan, born on 27/7/2006 Giza Governorate (Association of Egyptian) 12 years and 10 months and 26 days
  2. Mahmoud Nabil Mohammed Salem, born on 5/11/2005, Sharqi Governorate (Society of Environment and Society Friends) 13 years 7 months 17 days
  3. Yousef Mahmoud Abdel Aal Mahmoud Born on 25/12/2006 Alexandria Governorate (Bilal Ibn Rabah Association)12 years, 5 months, and 28 days
  4. Yahya Moha med Hassan Morsi was Born on 30/9/2005 in Giza Governorate (Ana Masri Foundation) 13 years, 8 months, and 23 days
  5. Mahmoud Subhi Sulaiman Salama, born on 26/3/2006 Sharqiya Governorate (Society of Environment and Society Friends) 13 years 2 months 27 days
  6. Ahmed Abbas Mohammed Abbas was born on 4/2/2006 in Alexandria Governorate Association Bilal Ibn Rabah) 13 years, 4 months, and 18 days
  7. Yousef Ayman Abdel Aal Saleh was Born on 3/8/2005 in Giza Governorate (Ana Masri Foundation) 13 years 10 months 19 days
  8. Ali Sharif Ali Hassan was Born on 11/12/2005 in Alexandria Governorate (Bilal Ibn Rabah Association) 13 years 6 months 11 days
  9. Saif Amr Bayoumi Ali was born on 25/6/2005 in Giza Governorate (Ana Masri Foundation) 13 years 11 months 28 days

Each child who joined the SATUC Tournament has a different story

Each team, each child who joined the SATUC Tournament, has a different story that makes them unique and much stronger, but often they are in need of hope and someone to tell them they can do it. So, for the first time, SATUC was able to afford the Syrian refugee team a chance to get awarded by the Egyptian Football Association in their headquarters for their determination even in the toughest of times. The invited audience heard first-hand about the compassionate ideals behind Sheikha’s vision for the SATUC Cup, which is all about giving new life chances and opportunities to some of the world’s least privileged children.

Our welcome guests have had the chance to mingle with our SATUC ambassadors who were in attendance including some of the best-known players around the world such as Khaled Murtaja the Director Board Member of the Al-Ahli Club

10 Egyptian civil associations

1. Bilal Ibn Rabah Association – Alexandria Governorate
2. Al-Ashy Charity Association – Aswan Governorate
3. Association of Environment and Society Friends – Sharkia Governorate
4. Haya Development Association – Damietta Governorate
5. Women Association for Improving Health – Governorate of Menoufia
6. Society Development Society in Kafr El – Gabalieh, Tanta – Gharbia Governorate
7. El Shabab El Shenawy Association for Comprehensive Development – North Sinai Governorate
8. Ana El Masry Establishment – Giza Governorate
9. Upper Egypt Association for Effective Development – Luxor Governorate
10. Al – Gamaliyya Social Establishment – Cairo Governorate

SATUC Al Ahly tournament statistic

Al Ahly Club19 civil associations have participated in 10 Egyptian governorates and 9 Syrian governorates

9 Syrian governorates

1. Governorate of Homs
2. province of Allepo
3. Damascus Governorate
4. Governorate of Damascus countryside
5. Governorate of Latakia
6. Governorate of Daraa
7. Tartous Governorate
8. Deir Al-Zour Governorate
9. Governorate of Hasaka

The highlights of the SATUC Ahly tournament

The highlight of the SATUC tournament event was held at Al Ahli Club, at the Alshuhada hall, the tournament was a friendly five-a-side match between the SATUC ambassadors, also hundreds of Egyptian children and hundreds of Syrian children, both of whom competed for the SATUC World Cup 3rd edition.

The organizers of this unique tournament for underprivileged children had been held a special event on 18 June 2019 hosted by Al Ahli Club in Aljazeera, and the SATUC Chairperson Sheikha Al Thani.

SATUC has been privileged to have attracted the support of VIPs from outside of the world of soccer. Welcome guests have had also the chance to mingle with our SATUC Guests who always support us

A big thanks to Al Ahly FC and its members for giving SATUC and its children this chance to showcase their talents. Also, a big thanks to our Ambassadors and all who have travelled thousands of miles to join us to achieve our goal of helping children to achieve their goals and dreams in society. The SATUC tournament was were a celebration to showcase the international soccer tournament to come and to introduce some of our amazing line up of star ambassadors to the assembled VIPs and the international press.

Manuel Jose: The legend Manuel Jose is a big supporter of our SATUC initiatives, and we are thrilled to have him on board as our newest ambassador.

a big thank you

Manuel Jose
Nuno Gomes
Mr. Humberto Coelho Vice-president of the Portuguese Football FederationTiago Ribeiro
Geraldine Ribeiro
Laurence Coelho
Lucidio Ribeiro.
Mr Alaa Abdel Moati Deputy Minister of Social Solidarity
Dr Amr Haddad Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports
His Excellency Arman Issagaliyev Consul General of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Ahmed Shobair
Mr Mohamed Farouk
Mr Walid Salah El-Din
Mr Osama Hosny
Mr Rabie Yassin
Mr Abdel-Zaher El-Saqqa
Mr Tariq Yahia
Mr Osama Nabieh
Mr Khaled Bebo
Mr Wael Riad

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