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George Weah | SATUC deserves the golden ball

The press conference started with an inaugural speech by Ashraf Mahmoud, a brief word about the tournament, and the Arab attendees who came to Sharm Al-Sheikh to support the orphans and develop their artistic and athletic talents and skills. He ascertained that all attendees supported that event organized for the sake of orphans. The attendees expressed their good wishes for the New Year.

At first, a speech was delivered by Sheikha Al-Thani, president of SATUC Foundation, who proposed the idea of the tournament for orphans. She expressed her gladness because artists and stars were present with the children to support them. Sheikha AL-Thani said that the orphan tournament is important since it gives orphans the chance to manifest their talents. Perhaps some of them would become football champions in the future, as some of them are talented enough, yet are in need of a chance. She added that several countries want to host the second Orphan’s world cup in 2017/2018.

George Weah | SATUC deserves the golden ball

In addition to this, Gamal Allama, a representative of the Egyptian football league, gave a speech supporting the idea behind this tournament. He said that the league also supports the tournament. He added that he would attend such significant events which will play a role in the future of those orphans. During the conference, there were several speeches, one of which was delivered by George Weah, who expressed his joy in attending such an event. He expressed his wish that this idea would be carried out all over the world because it gives a great chance to orphans.

He added that SATUC deserves the golden ball for this idea and for the efforts exerted by the foundation for the sake of orphans, to save them the opportunity to manifest their artistic and athletic skills. Then, Ahmed Naggy, the goalkeeper’s trainer of the national team, said that the idea behind this tournament is a noble one and will have a great influence on those children in the near future. He read some lines of poetry composed for this event.

After the ambassadors gave their speeches during the conference, Sheikha Al-Thani honored all attendees from Egypt and other countries, beginning with George Weah, Pascal Feindouno, Al-Amari Farouk -former sports minister, Ahmed Shobeir, Gamal Allama, the Moroccan ambassador, officials of the Moroccan ministry of solidarity and the stars Ahmed Hassan, Ahmed Naggy, Osama Nabeeh, Mahmoud Fayez and Rabee Yaseen. After the honoring celebration, the attendees dined at the conference hall and went seeking rest after such a busy day full of matches and concluded with the press conference.

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