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Syrian Children

As we care for children around the world and work for them since 2012, we have offered several programs to care for the disadvantaged and orphans in many countries. We also care about offering them better opportunities. We are interested in football and organize the SATUC tournament each year in Cairo, in addition to the World Cup for orphans that we started in Cairo in 2015.

SATUC foundation has opened a special section for Syrian children in order to face many challenges before them in cooperation with governments, governmental and non-governmental organizations around the world. SATUC was among the first organizations to care for Syrian children in their hard circumstances.

SATUC | special programs for Syrian children to raise their fitness and awareness in addition to developing their skills in order to give them equal opportunities.

In order to maintain the Syrian children, SATUC had special programs to raise their fitness and awareness in addition to developing their skills in order to give them equal opportunities. SATUC played a prominent role in hosting them and honoring them in the Egyptian Football Association.
SATUC was able to change the idea about the sad Syrian children and put a smile on their faces during their participation in the orphan football tournament in Cairo and the World Cup for the Orphans in 2015 and 2018.
SATUC performed a humanitarian role to help those children and persuaded the officials in the Egyptian Football Association to open training camps before them where they could find swimming pools, gyms, open stadiums, healthy food, medical care, and professional trainers.

The Syrian children will be always cared for by SATUC even when they return safely to their homeland. We’ll always encourage them to become miracles and have equal opportunities with other children around the world.


SATUC Syrian Children | received awarded certification from Mr Gamal Allam Egyptian Football Association president in the Association

SATUC does everything in its power to help the refuge children, orphaned and disadvantaged children of the world, and this means that we must work alongside other institutions to actualize our aims. We take pride in our relationships with ambassadors, charitable organizations, and even certain ministries within world governments who share our yearning for change. See some of our partners below.

Destination Unknown orgnzation | wrote about satuc syrian child experience with us

Since I was 6, I started to play football in Tal Menin, my pretty city. I was clever in playing, the ball even became my best friend who went with me everywhere.

I didn’t lose it till it got lost during the war. I lost my father and my ball. We had to move to Egypt five years ago, leaving our home and our city.

I became lonely with my mother and my little brother without a team or a ball. I used to play anything that looked like a ball. I have dreamed of my ball, which I left behind in my city, in my destroyed school.

I heard about the football sport activity in the Abwab family centre supported by Terre des Hommes in a nearby stadium. I actually went to the centre and started to practice many activities, including football with other children from Syria and Egypt under the supervision of a facilitator who was a previous football player.

The facilitator helped me to recover my fitness, my technique, and my self-confidence. I became a member of the football team of Abwab centre. We then started to compete with other teams of the other family centres with other Syrian and Egyptians children. During one of the matches, somebody told me about SATUC world cup for orphans. I applied to be a player for Syria to participate in the world cup for orphans in 2017. After passing some tests, I was chosen as the best Syrian player in the required age category and represented my country in the Syrian team. We will go to Morocco to participate in the World Cup.


SATUC was able to afford the Syrian refugee team a chance to get awarded by the Egyptian Football Association in their headquarters for their determination even in the toughest of times.
We see these children not as victims or sufferers but as remarkable young children who deserve our help in their journey and ambitions. And when we all put our hands together for the future then only good things will wait in their way.



Odai Sulaiman 3
Mohammad Ahmad 1
Eyad Hawari 6
Mohamad Al Chaar 4
Mohamad Daher 7
Mamoun Awni 2
SATUC, interest is strongly focused on Syrian children. Therefore their participation in the SATUC World Cup has become our main concern and we always draw attention to the suffering and hardships confronting the Syrian people during the last years. In fact, Syrian children have paid a lofty price for the war going on in their country, However, the exerted joint efforts exerted by NGOs and SATUC among them, are to provide them with a better future.