Syria Relief – ‘Syria 4 Years On’ Conference

SATUC Founder Sheikha Sheikha Al Thani has been cordially invited by one of our partner charities, Syria Relief, to attend a special conference in Manchester on the 23rd May to mark the 4th anniversary of devastating Syrian civil war. Described the UN Refugee Agency in January earlier this year as ‘the largest humanitarian disaster since World War II’, the civil war is a crisis that has been largely forgotten by the world and media.  The event hopes to stimulate some action in solidarity with the people of Syria and raise awareness of the fact that the unimaginable suffering still continues whilst the world looks on. As a valued partner charity, Sheikha and the rest of the SATUC team have been invited to attend the event and have also been offered a stall to present information about the upcoming SATUC Cup. The event will be particularly poignant for Sheikha as one of the 9 teams participating at the tournament in the summer is a team of Syrian refugee children who have been driven out of their homeland precisely by this conflict. SATUC is determined to help underprivileged children anywhere in the world regardless of the circumstances which have driven them into their current situation, but it will be of particular interest to Sheikha and the team to learn more about such a devastating and intractable conflict.   Expected guest speakers are: Prof Tariq Ramadan – Oxford University Dr David Nott – Emergency Trauma Surgeon, Also known as Indiana Jones of surgery. Rt Hon Sir Gerald Kaufman MP – UK Parliament Rt Hon Mark Hunter MP – UK Parliament Sir Peter Fahy – Chief of Police GMP Tony Loyd – PCC GMP Other local politicians and community leaders Entertainment: Faraz Yousufzai – Silk Road   We at SATUC are very much looking forward to attending an event that should be deeply interesting and seeks to turn the media spotlight back on to such a worthy cause. We greatly value our partnership with Syria Relief and all the amazing work they do and our very grateful of this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to them.  

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