Sheikha Al-Thani,has been appointed an URGC Ambassador

This afternoon we received the news that our founder, Sheikha Al-Thani,has been appointed an URGC Ambassador. We are all delighted with this appointment and Sheikha is very much looking forward to helping URGC with their humanitarian efforts. The URGC was founded to tackle the international impact of human displacement.  The primary goal of the organisation is to explore how new techniques in construction and production could be used to offer quick, effective and sustainable solutions to the ever-growing global refugee crisis. The impact of displacement, whether due to conflict or climate, has implications for urbanization, food and energy insecurity, water scarcity, lack of sanitation, increasing crime, lack of medical treatment, lack of adequate child and adult education, lack of suitable accommodation, child protection issues, lack of care for the elderly and the disabled. Thus, URGC was consolidated as a humanitarian not-for-profit organization, with the aim of developing and providing a holistic approach to displacement that could draw on the best thinking from the public, private and non-governmental sectors. URGC works in partnership with UN agencies such as UNHCR & UNRWA as well as private agencies and voluntary organizations globally to develop holistic solutions from planning to completion stage. The organisation sees their Ambassadors as the lifeblood of their international programme offering consultancy on refugee related issues globally. Sheikha is honoured to take up this role and is very excited about working in collaboration with such an eminent organisation.

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