SATUC Tournament 2014 – 1st edition

Within the framework of supporting NGOs caring for children, and to encourage sports activities for children, SATUC decided to organize SATUC 2014 Football Championship, with the participation of 16 civil associations for childcare from Cairo, Giza, Suez, El-Sharkia, Alexandria, Dakahlia and HelwanThe championship to be held in the indoor hall, next to Nasr City club and Al-Azhar University on Saturday, August 30, 2014.

30/08/2014: In August SATUC hosted trials at Indoor Hall of Nasr City Club to select the most deserving orphans from a total of (160 children) for our first tournament in Egypt with the participation of 16 civil associations in six Egyptian governorates,10 boys from each association. This tournament took place on 30/8/14. It was made possible through co-operation with NGOs and civil associations and was the first tournament for orphans in Egypt and the Arab world.

The league was started at 1.00 PM. 16 teams competed to win the prize that will be delivered to the winner at the end of the day. Many officials and ministers were invited to attend the event including Minister of Youth and Sports, and the Minister of Social Solidarity, in addition to journalists and TV channels.

At the beginning of the day, the children received bags containing training suit, Sneakers, shampoo, shower gel, and a towel for each child. The children were divided into teams and lots were drawn for 8 matches. Then, the associations presented a show on the playground before a match between Hope Village Orphans and Awladi Association in Maadi started.
Sheikha Al Thani started the game allowing the children to play and demonstrate their exquisite skills. Furthermore, Sheikha decided to play with the children in order to encourage them to participate and interact.
During the game, many people volunteered to cheer as they knew about the event from SATUC official page on Facebook and website as well as the sign hanged at the entrance of the club. At the end of the day, Awladi Association in Maadi won the cup as well as the prize. Everybody was happy dancing and singing. Sheikha even laughed and danced with them. A documentary about SATUC was presented before Sheikha delivered her speech to thank the attendees for their active participation including the representatives of the Ministry of Sports, Captain Mohammed Ismail. Khalid Abdul Aziz, Minister of Sports, said he was eager to attend the event had it not been for the friendly match between Egypt and Nigeria, which was held in Aswan. A representative for the Ministry of Social Solidarity and mayor of Maadi have attended as well as many public figures.

In Sheikha’s speech, Sheikha encouraged all children to play sports as a way for their excellence and development of their community since “A sound mind in a sound body”. She added that sports also protect young people from bad habits, help them to excel and to avoid violence.
Sheikha hailed the great Egyptian people who are able to overcome adversity and crises under the wise Egyptian leadership. Those people are able to make wonders giving their patriotism and history, added Sheikha.
She announced the prize will be a hundred shares in the New Suez Canal project for each member of the team. This makes the prize worth 10.000 LE. This represents their very first investment in such a great project.
Sheikha and representatives of the Sports Ministry and Social Solidarity Ministry delivered the cup to the winner as well as souvenirs for each team and a gold medal for each child. We were happy that the Syrian singer Magdy al-Qassim and the artist Amr Ramzy have attended the event. Also, many people have sent flowers and telegrams to apologize for their absence because of the international football match in Aswan.

Sheikha believes in the importance of sports for children. Loving those children and offering them better Education and better life is crucial to make them happy. In fact, true happiness lies in making other people happy. SATUC played with them and Awladi Association in Maadi won the first prize worth 10.000 LE in the form of certificates of deposit in New Suez Canal Project. The prizes were delivered as national songs were played and the first birthday of SATUC was celebrated. In the end, a huge cake was served up to celebrate the first birthday of SATUC. We also worked with hundreds of disadvantaged Syrian children as part of an ongoing project to give them a better quality of life.

The names of the Associations have participated:

(from Cairo Governorate)
1- Hope Village Foundation I for kids
2 – Hope Village Foundation II for kids
3- Awladi Maadi Association

(from Giza Governorate)
4- Education House – Giza
5-” I am Egyptian” Foundation
6- Face Foundation

(from Sharkia Governorate)
7- Education House Foundation – Sharkia
8- Integrated Development Association – Sharkia
9-Association of Madina Monawara – Tenth of Ramadan
10- Mahmoud Abdel Ghani orphanage, Salam village – Sharkia.
11- Association of Social Development.

(from Dakahlia Governorate)
12- Nabarouh institution, Dakahlia

(from Alexandria Governorate)
13-Association for Social Defense – Alexandria
Suez Governorate
14-unit comprehensive care for children in Suez
Helwan Governorate
15-Association of goodness and tolerance for orphans


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