Final day of the 2016 SATUC tournament and SATUC Ambassadors match

On the fourth and final day of the tournament, the children woke up at 7.30 a.m. and ate their breakfast at the hotel restaurant. Though they came from different governorates, the children were happily harmonious with one another. After breakfast, they headed to the stadiums to play the final matches, which started with a match between Matrouh and Alexandria teams, another match between the New Valley and Daqahlia teams and a third one between Latakia and Deir Al-Zour teams, at the final first-round matches. Then, the semi-final matches began, to last till 11 a.m. The players had rest from 11 a.m. till 2 p.m. when the final match between the Red Sea and South Sinai teams was played. The latter won the match by two clear goals and thus won SATUC orphans tournament at Sharm Al-Sheikh. On the other hand, Latakia won SATUC Syrian refugees tournament.
After the final match between the Red Sea and South Sinai, it was time for the match played by the stars and ambassadors and some media stars. Several games were played, where George Weah and Pascal Feindouno played all the time and showed extraordinary athletic skills just as Ahmed Hassan did. Sheikha Al-Thani also participated with them. The match ended while each team scored 4 goals, some of which were scored by Ahmed Hassan, George Weah and Ashraf Mamdouh.
After that match, there was a ninety-minute rest for all to prepare for the final reception which started at 6 p.m., including artistic shows beginning with a show by Show Mexico and another one by Basata Show led by Ehab Gaber. The children happily interacted with the stars attending the celebration.

Happiness prevailed during the tournament and the children were smilingly anticipating the future, hoping that stars would arise from their teams.


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