If you would like to apply to be part of 2018 SATUC World Cup please provide the information and documents detailed below

SATUC World Cup Bulgaria-2018-_-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf

print and sign
SATUC WORLD CUP 2018 Regulations

print and sign
SATUC World Cup Match-Schedule

print and sign
Acceptance letter

print and sign
Child Player Consent and Travel Form

print and sign
Filming and Photography Permission

print and sign
SATUC World Cup Partnership-Form

print and sign
SATUC Medical History Form

print and sign
Team Kit Form

print and sign
SATUC Assoc declaration form

Print and sign
To apply to be considered as a 2018 SATUC CUP team you must provide:

A signed application letter addressed to SATUC, containing
• Charity’s name, and details: name, address, country, email, phone
• Charity’s purpose/mission statement and what children they work with
• Confirmation that you will provide a team at the 2018 SATUC Cup if accepted
• Your own position within the charity

Confirmation that you will provide a team meeting our eligibility criteria:
• 8 boys (+ 2 coaches)
• Aged under 17 years at the time of the tournament (August 2018), who will represent [name of country] at the 2018 SATUC World Cup. This means the players should be born August 2002 or later.
• Your organisation will host a fair selection process, as well as regular training sessions leading up to the event.

The above should all be done as soon as possible to give your team the best chance of being accepted. We will then get back to you as soon as possible once sufficient applications have been made and the most suitable candidates chosen. Please give your disadvantaged children the best chance of SATUC helping them by making sure your application complies with our requirements. We want to see the smiles on their faces! Please also note that SATUC retains absolute discretion as to which teams are accepted into the tournament, and sending us the above does not guarantee entrance into the tournament.
If you are successful in your application, we will need the following from you as soon as possible:
All papers and letters sent from charities must be appropriately certified by the appropriate government agency of the corresponding countries.
Only one team will be accepted from each country, which should be selected on ability (assuming the other eligibility criteria are met).
Please note that these rules may be subject to expansion or alteration.
If you have any questions, please do get in contact by email at info@satucfootballcup.org

Please be advised that, because of the numbers of people and nationalities involved, we need to impose clear rules of conduct for all of those taking part. Breaching any of the terms of these Rules or Conditions, means that SATUC reserves the right to prevent you from participating in the event and terminating any existing agreement between you and SATUC.