The participation of the Liberian children in SATUC Cup 2017 through George Weah and the Ministry of Youth and Sports

SATUC is working in collaboration with Republic of liberia and ministry of youth and sport to pick 13 young players, from The Herman Gmiener (SOS) Children village, including 3 goalkeepers. SATUC is delighted to announce that a team of Liberian children will join 2017 SATUC CUP and we will soon announce the names of the players who will compete for a place in the 2017 SATUC CUP.

George Weah, one of our Football ambassadors at SATUC, was a great help in us reaching this point with Liberia as he was the one who introduced us to the ministry of youth and sport there.The role he played was great and we owe him a big thank you on behalf of SATUC and the children. until this point he has always been a very active member of the SATUC family and has attended previous events to support the children in need.

The Herman Gmiener (SOS) Children village was selected as Liberia’s representative in the competition, Liberian disadvantaged children will be selected from Herman Gmiener (SOS) Children village

The Herman Gmiener (SOS) Children village is an international charity which helps some of the poorest, most disadvantaged children in Liberia. They work to prevent families breaking apart and care for children who have lost parental care, or who risk losing it. They work with communities, partners and states to ensure that the rights of all children, in every society, are respected and fulfilled. They are non-governmental and non-denominational. They respect all religions and cultures and work with trusted partners in places where we can contribute to social development.

Their Vision
Every child belongs to a family and has the right to grow with love, respect and security.

Their Mission
They build families for children in need, they help them shape their own futures, and theyshare in the development of their communities.

Their Values
Courage – they take action. Commitment – they keep our promises.
Trust – they believe in each other. Accountability – they are reliable partners.

For SATUC founder Sheikha Al Thani and all the SATUC team it is a real honour and a privilege to help support the Liberian children at the 2017 SATUC World Cup.

Sheikha Al-Thani is truly humbled to be in a position to provide these courageous and talented children with opportunities to make their dreams come true. SATUC believes it is our duty as a active member of a global charitable community to step in and offer whatever help we can to these children, who have already had to suffer so much in their young lives. We encourage each and every one of you to rally round and help support our Liberian children.