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  1. Egypt plans to impress in SATUC World Cup
  2. Morocco prepares for the SATUC World Cup 2020 in Tiznit
  3. Preparations for the SATUC World Cup, Tiznit, Morocco gets underway.
  4. SATUC Signed a Protocol with Regional Council in Tiznit, Morocco for SATUC World Cup 2020
  5. SATUC intends to cooperate with Kazakhstan


SATUC, interest is now strongly focused on Syrian children. Therefore their participation in the World Football Cup (soccer) for Orphans, has become our main concern and will draw attention to the suffering and hardships confronting the Syrian people during the last years. In fact, Syrian children have paid a lofty price for the war going on in their country, However, the exerted joint efforts exerted by NGO’s and SATUC among them, is to provide them with a better future.

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