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  1. Egypt plans to impress in SATUC World Cup
  2. Morocco prepares for the SATUC World Cup 2020 in Tiznit
  3. Preparations for the SATUC World Cup, Tiznit, Morocco gets underway.
  4. SATUC Signed a Protocol with Regional Council in Tiznit, Morocco for SATUC World Cup 2020
  5. SATUC intends to cooperate with Kazakhstan


One Goal Foundation is a not for profit organization which helps youth in Liberia get an education through the power of the world’s greatest game, soccer.

2nd Place / Silver medal Liberia

Liberia was invited through the Ministry of Youth and Sports to participate in the tournament. The tournament is aimed at giving disadvantaged children and orphans space to excel, making them the center of attention and, through encouragement and mentoring, encouraging their successful self-realization and putting a smile on their faces.

Boy to Write

Edwin Johnson (SATUC Liberia player) was named “Boy to Write”, a prize bestowed on him by the chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Sports Journalists Naiden Todorov

Group A