SATUC CUP 2015-SATUC-Sheikha Althani–ساتوك -شيخه ال ثاني-كأس ساتوك


SATUC is immensely proud to be supporting the brave Syrian refugee children at this year’s inaugural tournament.

These children have been driven out of their villages, communities and homeland by what the UN Refugee Agency described in January this year as ‘the largest humanitarian disaster since World War II’; though SATUC is committed to helping underprivileged children anywhere in the world regardless of their circumstances, the Syrian crisis is an especially important cause to SATUC founder Sheikha Al Thani given her love for her Arabic brothers and sisters and the fact that the conflict shows no signs of being resolved in the near future.

SATUC believes it is our duty as a conscientious member of a global charitable community to step in and offer whatever help we can to these children who have already had to suffer so much in their young lives – we encourage each and every one of you to rally round and help support the Syrian children.

Campaign Projects

For this reason we are extremely pleased to announce our Syrian campaign for this year’s SATUC World Cup:

  • Working in partnership with the wonderful Syria Al Gad Relief Foundation, an organisation devoted to rebuilding Syrian society and providing aid to Syrian refugees, SATUC has invited a Syrian team of refugee children to participate at the 2015 SATUC World Cup and will cover all their costs for the duration of the event.

  • SATUC has also invited 300 Syrian orphans to attend the tournament to experience the festivities and support their compatriots representing Syria at the tournament. SATUC will also organise fun and cultural activities for them during their 3 day stay so that their trip is as rich and rewarding as it possibly can be. SATUC will be covering all costs related to transport, food & board and other sundry costs.                                         

  • SATUC will henceforth be actively looking for an ‘Official Syrian Sponsor’ of this year’s event who will donate £25,000 in total:

  • £20,000 of this will go to our Syrian partner charity directly – Syria Relief – who will distribute the funds to various local projects in Syria to help the children whose lives have been torn apart by the conflict. 

  • The remaining £5000 will go towards helping SATUC cover the costs in inviting the 300 Syrian orphans to attend the tournament.    

Syria Relief – ‘Syria 4 Years On’ Annual Dinner

Sheikha and the SATUC team will be attending a special event on the 23rd May in Manchester hosted by our partner charity Syria Relief to mark the 4th anniversary of the start of the conflict – the event will seek to raise funds to ensure continued aid is provided to the Syrian people and refugees.

More importantly, in recognition of the fact that the Syrian crisis has been largely forgotten by the world and media, the event hopes to stimulate some action in solidarity with the Syrian people and raise awareness of the fact that the unimaginable suffering still continues whilst the world looks on.

Sheikha will be giving a speech in which she will outline the importance of concerted global action in the face of such a devastating and intractable conflict – she hopes her message will be a rallying call for governments and countries around the world to help our Syrian brothers and sisters.

Sheikha will also be introducing the evening’s keynote speaker, Dr David Nott, known as the ‘Indiana Jones of surgery’ – a distinguished war zone surgeon with 20 years of humanitarian work behind him, Dr Nott has saved hundreds of lives and counting in the Syria crisis to say nothing of his earlier efforts in war-time Iraq, Libya, Gaza, Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.

Sheikha’s fellow speakers at the event show she will be in esteemed company:

– Afzhal Khan – Labour Member of European Parliament, representing the North West of England, Vice-Chair of Security and Defence and member of the Foreign Affairs and Budget Committees, awarded a CBE in 2008 for services to community cohesion and became Manchester’s youngest and first Asian, Muslim Lord Mayor in 2005

– Tony Lloyd – Labour Party politician and the inaugural Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioner, described as ‘the most powerful man in Greater Manchester’ by the Manchester Evening News

– Other eminent doctors and surgeons including Dr Anas of the Prosthetic Limbs Clinic and Dr Nizar of the Syrian British Medical Society

All in all 400 guests are expected to attend the event with the attendees composed of local dignitaries, politicians, scholars, doctors, journalists and businessmen.