SATUC World Cup 2017, Trinidad and Tobago Team

SATUC is working in collaboration with St. Clair’s Coaching School, St. Clair’s Coaching School is a non-profit organization established in 1976 by former Trinidad and Tobago National Coach Bertille St. Clair. The motto of their school is “Discipline, Dedication and Cooperation”

We delighted to announce team names of Trinidad and Tobago children will join 2017 SATUC CUP. For SATUC founder Sheikha Al Thani and all the SATUC team it is a real honour and a privilege to help support the Trinidad and Tobago children at the 2017 SATUC World Cup. Sheikha is truly humbled to be able to provide these courageous and talented children with opportunities to make their dreams come true.

SATUC World Cup 2017, Trinidad and Tobago Team     About: St. Clair’s Coaching School
For more than 40 years, the organization has sustained a reputation that has become synonymous with youth excellence, keen sportsmanship and scholastic excellence. Our motto facilitates as both the premise for the organization’s operations and the overall attitude of its membership.
St. Clair’s Coaching School was established as an outlet for Tobago’s young people to harness and develop their football and cricket talent. Our school has groomed several local and international players such as:
• Dwight Yorke,
• Keon Daniel,
• Keon Samuel
• Trevin Caesar,
• Makan Hislop,
• Kennya “Yaya” Cordner just to name a few.

They are dedicated to youth empowerment by providing scholarships to our players to schools in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom. Our organization has been able to provide Football Scholarships for over three hundred (300) Tobagonians. Bertille St. Clair, founder and head coach of St. Clair’s Coaching School and former Senior National Coach of the Trinidad and Tobago football team was the first person within the English-speaking Caribbean to take a team to the World Cup in 1991. He has also taken the National Team to the Semi-finals of the Gold Cup tournament in 2000. Under his leadership, our school has remained successful. We have dominated the Tobago Football League for several years, winning the title more than ten (10) times. In 1994 we entered the Caribbean Professional Football League with funds received from the exchange of Dwight Yorke. There were three (3) teams from Trinidad and Tobago, with us placing third (3rd) overall. St. Clair’s Coaching School is committed to youth empowerment, specifically on the sister isle of Tobago. We groom young players both on and off the playing field, helping Tobago’s children to be the best that they can be.

SATUC believes it is our duty as a conscientious member of a global charitable community to step in and offer whatever help we can to these children, who have already had to suffer so much in their young lives. We encourage each one of you to rally round and help support our Trinidad and Tobago children.

The World Cup for Orphans is one of the great events organized and sponsored by SATUC. About the present circumstances, However, the exerted joint efforts exerted by NGO’s and SATUC among them, is to provide them with a better future.