SATUC supports Syrian children

SATUC is a Charitable Organization caring for orphans and underprivileged children. Upon a personal initiative from her Highness Sheikha/ Sheikha Al Thany, SATUC interest is now strongly focused on Syrian children. Therefore their participation in the World Football Cup (soccer) for Orphans, has become our main concern, and will draw the attention to the suffering and hardships confronting the Syrian people during the last years. In fact, Syrian children have paid a lofty price for the war going on in their country, However, the exerted joint efforts exerted by NGO’s and SATUC among them, is to provide them with a better future.

In fact, SATUC did not spare any effort to coordinate and cooperate with several governments around the World in view of overcoming the serious obstacles met by those children, insisting upon the necessity to incorporate them in the educational system of their countries of emigration to prevent them from paying twice the price of war; the first time when they were driven away from their country, and the second time by losing school attendance and education opportunities. We must remember that those children are the builders of Syria’s future, a future of stability to which we all aspire.

The World Cup for Orphans is one of the great events organized and sponsored by SATUC. With regard to the present circumstances, SATUC deems that Syrian children must be an integral part of this indoor football event. In addition, SATUC holds every year a round of football matches for orphans in Egypt; and Syrian children residing in Egypt have been invited to participate in those events. Hence, given its concern for Syrian children, SATUC has adopted the Syrian team to be coached and trained together with their brothers from the Egyptian team in camps specially organized for them where expert coaches train them to acquire better skills and improve their fitness, and channel the talented among them to success and stardom.

Our Organization is preparing to launch after a few months the 2017 World Cup for Orphans championship of indoor football and is looking forward for the big role to be played by the Syrian team in this important competition, gathering twenty-four participating countries, to raise high the banner of their country, and to declare their determination to overcome all the challenges facing them since the beginning of Syria’s ordeal. Thus they will prove to the World that humans are capable of realizing success and victory despite all the impediments and challenges facing them. Man is endowed with a tremendous power which can be released and oriented to his prosperity with adequate support and capabilities.