SATUC World Cup 2017, Jordan Team

Satuc led by Sheikha / sheikha Al Thani, glad to announce about our Jordan team names. Young Jordon football players preparing for international debut at the 2017 SATUC Cup. Eight talented football players from BARIQ for community and youth development in Jordan . The Jordan team will consist of 14-15-year-old from BARIQ for community and youth development.

Final 8 Ivory coast players will be participating SATUC World Cup 2017

Jordan players names:

1. Laith Mamoun Ismail Alfawair
2. Omar Mahmoud Arafat Hasanain
3. Ahmad Faisal Salameh Al thunibat
4. Abed Alhaleem Ra’ed Abed Alhaleem Elzogheir
5. Qais(Zahadin) Ahmad Alkhasawneh
6. Amin Farid Mohammad Al Shanaineh days
7. Ibrahim Kamal Mahmoud Almasri
8. Mourad Arafat (Mohammad nayf) Alfaluje

Jordan coaches’ names
Yazan Nayel Mohammad Al- Wardat
Zaid Yassin Izzat Aloweiwi

BARIQ for community and youth development 

BARIQ for community and youth development is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded in December 2014.
BARIQ objective is to create opportunities for local community and youth to promote the right for everyone in living in a safe and healthy environment and working together towards sustainable development. With a focus on developing community and youth solutions to meet their needs we combine multiple methods of learning to deliver optimum results for both the local community and youth , by introducing creative methods and sophisticated tools.

BARIQ approach is to work in partnership with local community and youth forming a relationship where there is a deep level of understanding of what will work best to achieve the desired results. As the need for an educated global workforce continues to grow, so does the demand to train local community members and youth to help them become lifelong leaders.

BARIQ aims to promote local community and youth development and welfare by providing a holistic approach to solve these issues through mobilization of resources and working together with stakeholders and the youth at the community, national and international level to provide multi-sectored solutions to problems affecting young people, by ensuring they are dealt with from the root course to ensure sustainability.

Community Youth leaders are the current and tomorrow’s future decision makers, leaders and role models to the younger generation.

Our mission is to help the community youth leaders to achieve their desired level of quality and safety for their personal goals and future plans; to enable their success.

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