Young Hungary football players preparing for international debut at the 2017 SATUC Cup.

Eight talented football players from slum communities in Hungary. The Hungary team will consist of 14-15 year old from Oltalom sport association ( OSA )

SATUC World Cup 2017, Hungary Team
MISSION: Oltalom Sport Association aims to enhance social integration of disadvantaged children and youth by using the power of sport.

Oltalom Sport Association (OSA) was founded as a cooperation of individuals and non-governmental organizations in 2005. Its goal is to use sport as a tool to increase self-esteem and promote healthy lifestyle to people from disadvantaged background. Playing football with teams of other social groups enhances social integration of the target group. OSA provides regular football training sessions and equipment for homeless people, disadvantaged youth and children free of charge. Activities of OSA reached nearly 1000 people in 2015.

OSA promotes respect, tolerance, fair play and social cooperation in each of its activities. Since 2012 OSA has been organizing an own initiative called Fair Play Road Show with 8 tournaments all around Hungary and 1 final gala in Budapest every year. Matches are played with the use of a special method named Football3 used especially for social groups in conflict.

Homeless teams (both male and female) of the Association have been participating at the Homeless World Cup since 2006. OSA is a member of Streetfootballworld Network and the official Hungarian partner of Homeless World Cup. OSA is also a partner organization in several ongoing projects such as Erasmus+ and MOVE Quality Initiative.

They aim to enhance social integration of homeless people and disadvantaged children and youth through football: free football training sessions at least twice a week, in 4 locations in Hungary
● Offering the target group equipment free of charge
● Training of the official Hungarian homeless team
● Organization of Fair Play Road Shows for different social groups, especially social groups in conflict
● Training of Fair Play mediators (preferably from the target group) and school teachers
● Creation and distribution of Fair Play Football Handbook promoting Fair Play rules and know-how about organizing Fair Play tournaments
● Football in School program: mobilization of children from disadvantaged background: regular training sessions and tournaments, further education in partner educational institutions, motivation through football and possibility to participate at international tournaments
● Participation at international tournaments (Homeless Word Cup, Street Soccer Festival, Fair Play Championships, etc.)

Oltalom Sport Association works with an enthusiastic team of full time and part time contributors, volunteers and different types of supporters. It is a meeting point of social workers, teachers, helping professionals who believe in the power of sport to change behavior and interpersonal relationships thus making the world a better place.

Oltalom Sport Association has been using sport as an innovative tool of education since its founding in 2005. Our first team was set up with residents of Oltalom Homeless Shelter and Refugee shelter. Since 2006 we have always delegated a national team to the Homeless World Cup. In 2007 we took part in a street soccer festival in Foca. OSA has been a member of streetfootballworld network since 2009.Our teams have participated in dozens of international street football festivals and tournaments. In 2011 we started to organize our own series of events called Fair Play Football Roadshows.
We have been partner organizations in several EU projects on sports, social change and tolerance. So far we have assisted more than one thousand disadvantaged people to do their best both physically and intellectually at regular and free trainings. Our activities are based on the principles of fair play, tolerance and social inclusion.

In 2015 we organized Fair Play Football Roadshow series for the fourth time. We visited 8+1 cities again and were spreading the message of fair play. We happened to cross our borders three times and took it to Romania, Slovakia and Serbia. It is on the football pitch, a place favored by many, that we endeavor to bring together people coming from different – often opposing – social groups. Dispensing the referee and his/her whistle and with the help of qualified mediators we offer an opportunity for forming rules together and accepting joint decisions and common responsibility as something of our own. In the 2015 Roadshow championship 50 teams were competing, besides the team of OSA, comprising over 700 people. At the tournaments and final gala event the best fair play teams are rewarded.
A monitoring and evaluation survey provided us with valuable feedback concerning the organization of our programs in 2016 and confirmed us in our assumption that it is worth continuing our Fair Play series of tournaments. Participants were satisfied with the event, liked the special set of rules (football3) and found that their own level of tolerance rose as a result of their participation.

According to their results in Oltalom Social Nework database, general physical and mental health of participants have improved through regular training. In 2015 we provided the opportunity to 390 players to participate at 6 international and 22 local events thus keeping up their motivation.

They provided special support to those with high possibility to better their lives we continued our Key Client program, organized 2 job trainings and TripleR camps. With our social support participants, have significantly developed their lives in the following fields: re-starting education, reaching better scholar results, gaining long-term employment (for more than 3 months), improving housing situation.

The international project entitled „Innovative Learning Resources to Foster Equal Participation in Grassroots Sports, Dealing with Discrimination, Racism and Violence Incidents” (abbreviated as „IRIS”) started in January 2015 in the framework of the Erasmus+ support program. The project is 24 months long and our Association is a partner in the project consortium. The aim of the project is to develop innovative learning tools which promote the prevention of violence and discrimination in grassroots sports and in schools mainly through the training of PE teachers and coaches. Our partners in this project are the Regional Center of Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning and the Hellenic Open University from Greece, the Konstantin Preslavsky University of Shumen (Bulgaria), the University of Jyväskylä (Finland) and the University of Santiago De Compostela (Spain).

In October 2015, our newest Erasmus+ project – “Team Up for NEETS – Innovation for Youth Employability”– started with the co-ordination of the German streetfootballworld network. The project’s main goal is to increase and improve the employability of unemployed young people through football and other additional services. In the course of the project the partner organisations, which all operate in similar fields, produce a methodology handbook and other resources for professionals working in the field of youth. Our partners are Sport dans la Ville (France), Rheinflanke (Germany), CAIS (Portugal), Albion in the Community and Sport 4 Life (United Kingdom), SARI (Ireland) and Red Deporte y Cooperación (Spain).

Oltalom Sport Association is currently implementing complex football activities targeting refugee and migrant children in Hungary to enhance their social integration with the support of UEFA Foundation for Children. Our coaches hold weekly football trainings at refugee shelters for resident children to improve their health, wellbeing and self-confidence. Within the framework of this project we are organizing 6 tournaments where migrant and refugee children will play together with local Hungarian teams and have new connections. With the help of a portable pitch we are able to adjust to the changing location of refugee/migrant communities.