Georgian’s underprivileged children (4)

SATUC is working in collaboration with FC Didube 2014 Foundation to pick 8 young players, from Georgian’s underprivileged children, including the goalkeepers. SATUC is delighted to announce that a team of Georgian children will join 2017 SATUC CUP and we will soon announce the names of the players who will compete for a place in the 2017 SATUC CUP.

Georgia is the country where the population still has a serious negative social conditions. Although it has achieved some significant successes worldwide, the country still remains vulnerable.

The idea to establish FC Didube 2014 Foundation came to deputy’s mind during the election campaign, when he had active meetings with the population. He stated that saw children on the street every day, who weren’t doing anything, so he intended to make a change for them.

As soon as Mr. Vladimer Dzneladze became the Depute he founded the charity team for vulnerable families’ children, where they would be able be engaged sport activities freely. This football team allowed us to avoid children spending their time in street, where they were busy stealing, smoking, begging, using various types of psychotropic drugs, etc.

Initially the team consisted of 7 children, and at this point, that is after one year the team consists of 135 children. The team has an incredible success. From 60 matches we won 55. By the dedication and devotion of team coaches and founders the team become very famous all over the Georgia.

For SATUC founder Sheikha Al Thani and all the SATUC team it is a real honour and a privilege to help support the Georgian children at the 2017 SATUC World Cup. Sheikha is truly humbled to be in a position to provide these courageous and talented children with opportunities to make their dreams come true.
SATUC believes it is our duty as a conscientious member of a global charitable community to step in and offer whatever help we can to these children, who have already had to suffer so much in their young lives. We encourage each and every one of you to rally round and help support our Georgia children.

SATUC World Cup 2017, Georgia Team