SATUC World Cup 2017_ England Team

SATUC, (Sheikha Al Thani for Underprivileged Children) an organisation that works with under-privileged children around the World, in collaboration with 2TR, an organisation in the United Kingdom that trains under-privileged children to use football as a means to overcome various difficulties they have in life, booked the Arsenal hub at the Emirates Stadium to hold a final selection for the SATUC World Cup.

The event was attended by Sheikah Al Thani, the founder of the charity, and she was extremely proud of the level achieved by the boys who took part in the event. The final 8 Children who were selected were at such a high level, and it is hoped that these children will go on to play at higher levels. In fact, one past student who has been through this programme, currently plays in the Under 18’s squad for one of the professional football teams in the Premier League.

The event was arranged by Mr Charles Brown, Clasford Stirling and Christian Rule of 2TR, and by Erica Francoise who is the head of Operations of SATUC. While we commiserate with the children who missed out on the selections, it goes to show how high the level of these children is.

For SATUC founder Sheikha Al Thani and all the SATUC team it is a real honour and a privilege to help support the England children at the 2017 SATUC World Cup. Sheikha is truly humbled to be in a position to provide these courageous and talented children with opportunities to make their dreams come true. SATUC believes it is our duty as a conscientious member of a global charitable community to step in and offer whatever help we can to these children, who have already had to suffer so much in their young lives. We encourage each and every one of you to rally round and help support our England children.

2TR Football is to drive social change through sport. 2TR Football provides services in areas of social deprivation that aim to increase the opportunities for young people to make better more informed choices that lead to positive outcomes for them and for a society. 2 Touch Rulz Football – Born on the streets, alive in the community!

2 Touch Rulz was originally created as a training tool by our founder Charles Browne, who at the time ran a grass roots football team based in Highgate Newtown Community Centre, in around 2005. Charles Browne and Michael Lyle developed the concept and ran a pilot 2 Touch Rulz tournament with 4 local teams in 2007. The popularity of the game grew at a terrific rate, as was born out in the following tournament in 2008 being attended by 27 teams from in and around North London. Further tournaments in 2009 and 2010 provided a proving ground to tweak the game, the rules were further honed as experience revealed what worked and what didn’t. In 2011 the first 2 Touch Rulz proprietary goal was designed and created, adding another dimension to the game and giving the game a highly visual peace of iconography. Also providing a platform to register the game and assets as intellectual property with associated trademarks. In 2012 the main stakeholders formed a Not for Profit company in order to provide a vehicle to solidify all of the community based social outreach work that the team had been conducting with the 2 Touch Rulz game. In 2012 the Mind & Play programme was created to provide a framework for using football scenarios as life mirrors to educate young people and provide them with a positive tool set to achieve their life goals.

Over the course of 2013 and 2014 the 2TR team have hosted over 120 work placements and provided support and services to schools, colleges, charities, social services and the Metropolitan Police in 17 London Boroughs. In 2014 the popularity of the 2 Touch Rulz game and the associated Mind and Play programme became such that demand was outstripping the team’s ability to meet the growing needs of the user base. With that in mind we put measures in place to move from a purely grant based social enterprise to a Self-Sustaining entity that would empower the team with greater reach and resources to continue our community projects. As of 2016 they have hosted over 400 work placements and delivered 35000 hours of youth work.