At New Year 2016 SATUC worked in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the international SATUC CUP 2017 Ambassadors, in Egypt to pick 13 young players, from 100 Egyptian underprivileged children including 3 goalkeepers in Sharm el-Sheik ( 2016 SATUC Tournament )

More than 150 children participated in the 2016 SATUC Tournament hoping to be chosen by the international all-star SATUC ambassadors of international football. SATUC is going to support all teams participating in the SATUC World Cup including the Egyptian and Syrian teams under the supervision of football experts aiming to make professional football players of the talented children.
SATUC World Cup 2017, Egyptian TeamThe Ministry of Social Solidarity provides services for Egyptian citizens through a set of programmes and projects ultimately aimed at creating a strong society capable of bettering life for Egypt’s 82m citizens.