Ragaa el Gedawy joins SATUC for its summer tournament

SATUC is delighted to announce their latest cultural ambassador for the
2015 SATUC Cup. Ragaa el Gedawy, the luminary Egyptian across, has agreed
to take on the role in light of the tournament’s altruistic nature which
chimes with her own moral values. Ragaa el Gedawy was born in Cairo in
1938. She attended a Franciscan school in Cairo before winning a beauty
contest at the age of 20. From there her success multiplied as she entered
the world of theatre and film. From the 60’s to the 80’s she was famed for
her depiction of aristocrats whilst in theatre she earned much acclaim for
her performances with Adel Imam.

Ragaa el Gedawy said “I am delighted to be part of something which is
going to do so much for children not just in Egypt but all over the world.
We all have a duty to work together, whatever our background, and provide
these children with a brighter future.”

Sheikha Al-Thani, founder of SATUC, said “for us this is really exciting
news as it affirms that this SATUC Cup is not only limited to the world of
sport. We see culture, sport and education as united in their powers of
betterment. I very much look forward to working with Ragaa el Gedawy, a
gem of Egypt’s creative world.”

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