SATUC CUP 2015-SATUC-Sheikha Althani–ساتوك -شيخه ال ثاني-كأس ساتوك

City district Damietta

  •  Association Educational Foundation Fraschor (10 children)

Beheira Governorate

Boys Foundation

  • Balabaadah (8 children)

  • Orphanages Association Kafr Dawar (6 children)

Western Province

  • The Social Welfare Home Foundation (10 children)

Alexandria Governorate

  • – Unitarian Association (9 children

  • – Association Radwan (5 children)


  • Maternal and Child Welfare Association (10 children)

Fayoum Governorate

The patron saint of Fayoum Association participated number (5 children)

 House Aisha Fayoum Foundation (4 children)

  • – Mayor’s Association for Orphans (6 children)


  • Governorate (15 children)

Cairo Governorate

  • – Olde Maadi Association (18 children)

  • – Aesthetic Foundation (10 children)


  • – The Association of Charity and the dawn of Islam (10 children)

Beni Suef Governorate

  • – The Association of Institutions (7 children)

  • – Call Society  (2 children)

  • – Nasir al-Rahman Mosque Association (2 children)

Cairo Trials Results

SATUC is grateful for the support of Ms Ghada Wali, the Minister for Social Solidarity, whose advice and experience has been a major asset to SATUC’s projects

The major Cairo trials on the 1st April, which served as the selection process for the Egyptian team, lasted for 7 hours in total  and was attended by SATUC’s founder Sheikha Sheikha Al Thani, a group or orphans invited to attend as guests of SATUC for the day, assembled media reporters and film crews, Egypt legend and Honorary President of the 2015 SATUC Cup Ahmed Hassan and Tournament Ambassadors Nader El Sayed and Shawky Gharib.

The day was filled with smiles on the faces of the children and yet despite the joyous atmosphere, the prize at stake meant the competition was intense, with every child trying as hard as they could, but always in the spirit of sportsmanship and mutual respect.

Trial participants included:

SATUC bore the costs of all the travel expenses for the triallists as well as arranging for pitch-side first aid services and all the logistics which ensured the day ran as smoothly as it did.

A total of 167 children participated in the trials.

Trial Results

From the Childhood and Motherhood Care Association Benha (Charity Registration number 6566) 4 children were selected, namely:

– Hossam Osman Yahya
– Mohamed Tarek Ibrahim
– Hisham Salim Saad
– Loay Osama Ismail

From the Damietta Educational Foundation Association Benin (Charity Registration number 5868), one child was selected:

– Ismail General

From the Aswan Governorate 10 children were initially accepted, but 8 of them were subsequently refused by the Ministry on the basis that they were not orphans and so ineligible for consideration.

So far only 7 children have been selected for the team, which leaves one space remaining. To fill this final space SATUC will tour the different associations for the missing piece of the puzzle.

Once the final team is complete, SATUC will organise a training camp from the 20/07/2015 – 28/08/15 after the completion of the Junior High Certificate Examinations. A special committee will be formed to oversee training and preparation, while SATUC will naturally provide all the means and support to this camp, including ensuring the well-being and safety of the children.